Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the Beginning...

...There was me, a twenty one year old media student who - to be quite honest with you - wishes she was out celebrating Padjo's rather than doing college work. Yes, I'm calling this college work. Better than Facebook.

Why have I forsaken ye ancient tradition of wearing Ireland jerseys, ridiculously oversized shamrock emblazoned hats, and drinking 'coke' in the streets? Ah sure you know yerself - I left it to the last minute. All 8,000 words of it.

I would have done a bitta work this afternoon but I was tied up with the other kind of work - the stuff that pays the rent (and restores blood to my alcohol system). Yeah, we were open on Paddy's Day. I was under the impression that this was ridiculous - who goes into town to shop on Paddy's Day?

...You'd be surprised. Our target for the day was ... ohhh lets say, 500 euro (I should mention that we NEVER meet target). Well, we almost doubled it.

Jammmmmmers, it was.

Fun? Not so much.

At least we didn't get the old homeless guy back to pee in our changing room.

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