Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a hard knock life.

I would love to be inside Kristen Stewart’s head for a day. Just to understand what a bad place the world really is that apparently only she can see, based on the permanent scowl she has.

I know that immense wealth and fame can be of great inconvenience to a person, but I’m just not feeling the ‘my life is so hard, I’m just so different and no one gets it so I’m going to express it by looking like I haven’t showered in three weeks’ teen angst-y persona.

(note that hair ... misunderstood-teen-ville doesn't sell shampoo?)

In this video, while wearing a coat that would not look out place on a drunk living under a bridge, if you watch to the end you will see her proceed to pick something out of R-Patz’s teeth, and wipe it on his coat.

Let me repeat that, for maximum impact.

She picked something out of his teeth and wiped it on his coat.

...Her lack of social skills actually baffle me sometimes. She even once said of her vast fanbase, ‘You get a slew of all these bullshit questions’.
Well ... I’m sure the tweeny boppers who idolise you will appreciate that.

She has graced countless talk shows, and each has been pretty much the same as the first. She pulls her hair, umms a bit, chews her lip, ehhs some more, tugs at her hair again, then says something like ... ‘yeah – it – well there was – see there’s this – umm, yeah’.

I know this fame thing is hard to come to terms with love, like ask any actor and they’ll tell you that when they got into acting no one warned them that someone, somewhere, might actually – shock, horror – recognise them, but come on, show some emotion!

I do feel I’m being cruel slagging someone just because they’re socially retarded and irritatingly awkward – its not their fault their mother probably smoked though her pregnancy. But I wouldn’t choose a career path full of lovely A-list spotlightness if I wanted to lead a normal life. Clearly fame and fortune were thrust upon her as unjustly as starvation is forced upon poor African orphans.

And as for her acting skills in Twilight ...

Here are some things I think resemble Kristen Stewart...

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