Friday, March 19, 2010


Flicking through my trusty iPod recently, I decided I listen to too much of the same stuff again and again; I have a habit of creating playlists of old favourites and just sticking it on repeat. So I went on a search for some new sounds, and here’s a bit of what I found ... (hey, that rhymes)

Two Door Cinema Club
Awesome name, awesome noise. These guys are really fun, with some good catchy songs. Dunno why they aren’t on the radio more often. And best part – they’re home-grown, hailing from Bangor! I predict big things. :-)

Little Comets are also pretty good, I think they were signed late last year. The video for this one is a great watch.

Wooden Shjips are great for background muzak. Some may take this as an insult but I personally think it’s great; start at the start and leave it be. If you’ve a long bus journey just throw them on, kick back, and enjoy. I believe you can catch ‘em in Wheelans on April 15th.

I am now off to contradict myself by making a new playlist which I will undoubtedly stick on repeat for the next few weeks.

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