Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Thesis That Rocked ... sorta

I'm in the middle of writing my final year dissertation (well, when I say in the middle of, I mean less than half done... which is not so much middle as near the beginning...) and its surprisingly interesting. When you first hear about it, you freak out because its basically the equivalent to about 4 essays, but if you pick something that really interests you - and you can get away with just about anything that relates to your course - its actually not half bad. I'm almost - dare I say it -looking forward to doing it sometimes.

*Shudder* No, I take it back!

Mine's a detailed history of pirate radio in Ireland and the UK, and the lasting impact this left. Initially, I figured I could just watch 'The Boat That Rocked' all day long, but apparently this is to a media lecturer what 'Michael Collins' is to a history teacher - full of historical inaccuracies, and a loada crap, basically. I just thought Midnight Mark was a babe.

Re-watching it though (yeah like I was gonna pay attention to what college tells me to do), and after doing so much research for my paper, I realised that although its freakin hilarious, it is very romanticized. Plus, dozens of the songs are from the late 60s/early 70s, despite the film being set in 1966. David Bowie's 'Let's Dance', wasn't even out til the 80s!

So I put The Count and Simple Simon away and picked up a book instead. A far more reliable source (I think I'd fail on the spot if I referenced a movie), although a lot less fun.

Anyway, with four thousand words due tomorrow and just under three thousand done, there's a cup of coffee waiting for me. I actually don't mind though; its really interesting.

List of stuff I have learned... (about time I learned something)

-At least three 98FM DJS, and Ryan Philips from Spin, used to work for pirate station Freedom FM
-Declan Meehan from East Coast used to work for pirate station Radio Melinda
-In fact, a whole load of RTE DJs were originally pirates
-Phantom started out in a garden shed in Sandyford
-And despite the British government sorting out their pirate problems in the 60s and 70s, Ireland did feck all til about a decade ago. Sure you probably remember when Phantom went off air - 2003! We really don't help ourselves in the 'backwards Ireland' category, do we.

Best get typing - pity this doesn't count.

On an completely unrelated and slightly lighter note, I have recently discovered that Cheryl Cole's house is called, 'Hurtmore House'.


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