Thursday, April 8, 2010

Times, they are a-cheapening...

Grafton Street is apparently the fifth most expensive street in the world, behind Fifth Avenue and the likes (although in recent times, I doubt this is true anymore), and I remember reading somewhere that rent starts at about half a million, depending on shop size and where abouts you were positioned. People always went on about this as if it was a superb achievement – “look at us, we sure know how to jack up our prices!” I never found it anything to be particularly proud of, and to be honest I think most of that was probably down to Brown Thomas, rather than an abundance of shop choice.

So it was surprising when I noticed a ‘Bargain Basement’ next door to Dubray Books. Originally ‘The Calendar Shop’, and Warehouse before that, I wandered in and discovered that apart from selling ridiculously cheap books, (I then realised it was actually called Bargain Books and I’m a muppet who clearly can’t read properly) it also sells all manner of cheap crap – it’s basically a 2euro shop, with a preference towards books.

2euro shops are the quintessential stop for ridiculously tacky, brightly coloured stuff that you have to reason with yourself before buying (“it’s for Halloween ... no honestly, it is, I don’t actually want to buy it ... no no no its ok, I don’t need a bag I’ll just stuff it right down the bottom of my handbag here ...”), and if there’s ever anything random you need to get and don’t know where you might find it – a glow in the dark statue of Buddha, for example (I kid you not – imagine giving that to your child as a night light??), someone will always say, “will we try the 2euro shop?” So this is not an assault on craptacular cheap stuff ... no, my point is, what is said craptacular cheap stuff doing on Grafton Street, the fifth most expensive street in the world? A mere stone’s throw away from Brown Thomas?

Yeah yeah, I know I’m about a year behind with this, and supposedly we’re coming out of the recession, but if that’s not a sign of fallen times, I dunno what is.

PS... as money saving as 2euro shops can be, one thing I probably won’t be trying on the cheap are the three boxes of condoms for two euro ... probably along the lines of ‘Ripped ... for no one’s pleasure’.

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