Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm auld, let me on the bus!

I was on the bus into town a cupla days ago. Normally I’d be getting off at Stephen’s Green, but on this particular occasion, I was going as far as O’Connell Street. Sitting downstairs (one of those extremely rare occasions where upstairs was packed and downstairs was not – bit of a phenomenon you don’t usually see), a woman, probably late thirties, got on and sat across from me. She had no buggy, no crutches, and because she was yappin away on her phone, I could tell she was Irish and therefore no a tourist who might be lost.

Where am I going with this?? O’Connell Street, that’s where – I got off, and so did she.

Grafton Street to O’Connell Street can’t be more than a ten minute walk. It was not raining. It was not cold.

I’ve noticed this on several occasions before – going about two stops before getting off buses. I don’t get people who do this. I’m hardly the world’s most athletic person (I’ve been known to argue that driving is a workout for the legs) but even I’m not that bad. I told my friend, and she argued that there’s a city centre fare of only fifty cents, so sure why not?

Ok, fair point ... but then there should not be a city centre fare. Alright maybe for the auld ones – but this should be called the auld one fare. A bit of walking is good for you. If you were to do this every day, for a working week, that’s 2.50 a week. That’s 12 euro a month. That’s one hundred and forty four euro a year you’re wasting on a ten minute stroll! And, that’s only one way! One of the worst ones I’ve seen is people who get on the luas at Stephen’s Green and actually get off at Harcourt. Come the feck on like, you can practically see Harcourt from Stephen’s green! I could outrun you!

If I were in charge of public transport I’d totally ban this nonsense. And the lazy feckers wouldn’t even fight me cos they’d be too lazy.


  1. I see that loooads, people get on the 140 at stephen's green and get off at Leeson Street! five minutes that would take u to walk! x

  2. Fair enough if its raining, but if its nice out (such as today) I'd rather walk and save the euro!