Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leavin' wha...?

Amazing video from 2FM about the Leaving Cert.


It all kicks off in about three weeks now; you can tell because the weather's starting to get really good. I pity everyone doing theirs (and by pity I mean point and mercilessly laugh).

I would like to say that mine was the most stressful time of my life, but that would mean I was actually studying, which I very much was not. The last week or so beforehand was stressful - the point of no return where you realise, oh sweet jesus why did I spend all that time highlighting everything from the introduction page to acknowledgments? (I was really dreadful for highlighting, I don't think I quite understood the concept, my books looked like a coke addled fairy sneezed all over them).My idea of note-making was copying teacher handouts word for word, and past papers were exactly that - past. What good were they?! I wanted to know what was going to come up in the present, please!

From predicting poets, to finding someone to write a top notch special topic for you, to learning biology from Sabrina ("mitosis is ..."), to writing out your Irish sliocht in phonetics (eh rather defeats the purpose), and all the other crap in between, it was just the hardest thing ever.

Then after all that stress, 'the biggest exams of your life', most important test you'll ever take nonsense, you make it to college and discover three or four years of even harder exams. Well first and second year, not so much. But your last year is a biatch. Bet you wish you had the Leaving back - god that was piss easy wasn't it?

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