Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sugar coated peanuts and alcoholic Calipos

Me being out of the country for a week = extreme lack of posting.

I'm too tired to write a proper, long, well thought out post (I would like to blame this on jetlag, but as Croatia is only an hour ahead, I think this is simply down to my general laziness), so I will sum up my week briefly.

Lack of tan (damn Irish skin).
Sea Organ (look it up ... awesome).
Breakfast on the balcony.
Two euro cocktails (gotta love Eastern Europe).
Sugar coated peanuts.
Sirip Orange', which, when mixed with vodka, tastes like an alcoholic Calipo ... you know when you have a Calipo and the end of it melts? Yeah. Awesome.
Konzum ... just when you thought Lidl was the cheapest supermarket you'd been in.
Dining out for less than a tenner.

All in all, a good holiday, of which I need more ... Lahinch and New York are both on the cards at later stages. Worlds apart, but equally fun!


  1. New York? JEALOUS!!! :(

    What a city. Go see a show, please. For me. :P

  2. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I've a few friends over there for the summer and I'm probably going to head over in early august and crash on their couch... two whole months away and I'm already looking forward to it!