Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a hypocrite, buuut...

Alright ... alright ... I have thought long and hard about this ... at the risk of sounding like a total and utter hypocrite when one takes my previous Harry Potter/Twilight post in to question, I went to see Eclipse the other day and I actually ... dare I say it ... enjoyed it.

Well ... when I say enjoyed, I mean didn’t loathe it as much as the first two films. ‘Twilight’ was simply appalling, and while ‘New Moon’ was slightly better, it still wasn’t what I would call good. But Eclipse ... I would actually consider watching it again. Not in the cinema or anything – jesus I wouldn’t go paying for it again – but maybe on DVD. A borrowed DVD that is, not one that I have purchased with my own money.

Unfortunately, Robert Pattinson is still as excruciating moody as ever, but he does crack an extra smile or two. Although there’s one part where Bella is basically throwing sex at him and he looks as though he’s about to cry. Grow a pair already!

Kristen Stewart, however, has gotten better. There’s not as much lip twitching, and she doesn’t pull at her hair as much either. Her facial expressions have gotten better too – she can now do more than one. Good job on finally learning how to do what you’ve already earned millions for! He interaction with Robert is more believable; they've gone from embarrassingly awkward to looking like they might have a little crush on each other.

Taylor Lautner is still a shirtless baaabe. He’s not quite as buff as the last one, but I think this actually works a little bit better. His acting skills are not exactly Oscar worthy, but he’s given a pretty good script to work with, and does it well.

There are some surprisingly laugh out loud moments in this one, but there are also a couple of criiiingy ones too. Basically, you’ll probably end up seeing it if you’ve seen the last two, and if you didn’t like the last two, you probably won’t love this. But it is better ... or at least more tolerable.

And if all else fails ... just sit back and enjoy this ...


  1. I'm pretty much the same as you, didn't really like the previous two films but will go see Eclipse if it's just to join in the many conversations about it. I'm sure I'll let you know how I feel about it in a post at some point... :)

    And...THANK YOU for the picture. Hommmina hommmina

  2. To be honest, I didn't really read that ... that photo kinda distracted me just a little...

  3. Yeah I went to see it on Friday! It was the most bearable of the three films, but maybe that's just because I've resigned myself to the fact they whole franchise is AWFUL!

  4. Just posted my own little review there :) x

  5. The whole franchise is indeed awful ... and yet I continue to put myself through it! Its like a disease...

  6. I personally don't really like the series that much, but just having Taylor there makes me want to watch them :P

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