Friday, July 23, 2010

Lets hear it for New Yooooork...

I’m going to New York on Tuesday, and it has just occurred to me that I stupidly haven’t bought any dollars. The only reason I remembered this is because it’s now too late – the banks are closed, and you have to order dollars a day in advance.

Good one, Kar.

Now I probably wouldn’t get all my dollars for the week in one go anyway because I definitely do not want that amount of cash on me (of all the people to get mugged, it would sooo be me), but I’d like about fifty or so on me when I land. I would say foreign exchange in the airport is a RIP OFF so I’ll probably wait until I get to JFK airport and use an atm. I have done this before – arrived in a foreign country with absolutely no local currency on me whatsoever – and it’s always been grand, but it’s still a bit unnerving to know that you don’t have a cent to your name for a while.

I also have to be there three hours early ... bleughhhh. I’m travelling alone by the way, hence the bleugh, cos now not only have I a six and a half plane journey to entertain myself on, but also three hours alone in Dublin airport. There’s only so much duty free shopping a girl can do!

On the plus side though ... I am majorly excited! My friends are on a J1 and I’m crashing their couch, so hopefully they will take me on a personal guided tour of all New York has to offer. Now it’s just a question of exactly how much can I squeeze in in a week! If anyone has any recommendations, fire away! I’ve saved some serious dosh for shopping; its weird, I highly doubt stuff is significantly cheaper in the States, but don’t you just feel more entitled to spend lots of money when you’re out of your own country?! That top that you definitely would not spend thirty euro on at home is suddenly a total bargain abroad – “sure I’m on holidays, I’m allowed!”

My only other problem is packing ... being a true Irish lass, it is ingrained into my very being to always bring clothing for every possible type of weather; lately, my umbrella and my sunglasses have become very good pals in the bottom of my bag ... an unlikely duo. And it is not unlikely to find both a hoodie and a pair of flip flops stashed in the back of my car. So no matter how much I’m told that it’s roasting hot in New York at the mo, I’m desperately fighting an instinctual urge to not waste valuable shopping space with hoodies, layers, and jeans. And a coat. And my uggs. And fluffy socks.

No! No uggs and fluffy socks!! Only shorts and dresses! Must ... fight ... desire to pack ... heavy winter coat ... and woolly hat ...

Sigh, I can tell already my mother will have to pack for me. Now, who do I get to pack for me on the way home ...


  1. to say im jelous is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! absolutely LOVE new yoirk, cant beat it. i never buy dollars - if you have a credit card just transfer some dosh into it and you wont be charged for using it over there? or just use your bank card - providing it has a cirus logo on it?dont think it costs that much to use it over there?

    stuff is most defo cheaper over there. Forever 21 is the BOMB! love that shop. oh, and all the little boutiques in soho not to mention all the great beauty buys that you'll find in the 'drug stores' - god IM.JELOUS!

    have a ball! .x.

  2. First Hermia goes to Paris, now you're going to NYC!! JEALOUS!!

    Love New York. Go see something on Broadway. And have a blast xx

  3. Yeah I've heard good things about Forever 21, I can't WAIT to shop! I do have Cirrus, so all should be well, and my lovely auntie just gave me fifty dollars to start with so that's turning up with no cash on me sorted!

    I really wanna see something on Broadway, I shall let you know how that goes!


  4. Jealous!! go up the statue of liberty!