Sunday, July 18, 2010

To tea or not to tea... hmm

I was watching wife swap this morning. For those of you unfamiliar with this programme, it involves (as you might be able to figure out for yourselves) two families swapping wives for two weeks. This usually involves two drastically different families, because two normal families might actually get along, and therefore not create any drama. It also means there would be no all-important lesson to be learned at the end of the programme. So basically, the wives live as the other wife would for a week, then they bring a little of their own personality into their new surroundings for the second week. It usually is quite entertaining, but the one I was watching this morning was just plain weird.

One of the wives dressed up as a fairy – I’m talking full blown puffy white sparkly ball gown, with wings and a wand – and throws tea parties for little girls where she taught them such things as not putting elbows on the table.

She does this for a living. As in, people actually give her money to dress up as a fairy and play make believe tea party with their daughters.

This baffles me, for multiple reasons.

Number One: this is not a profession.
‘What does your mum do?’
‘She’s a doctor. What about yours?’
‘She plays tea parties and fairies with little girls.’

Number Two: this just screams lonely old mother unable to let go of having her children to play with.

Number Three: no one should be paid for having a tea party!

Number Four: similar to number three, as a mother, you shouldn’t be paying someone else to play with your kids, play with them yourself!

Number Five: ok I’ve run out of logical reasons, but it was just weird to see how totally into these tea parties and dollies this woman was. All these manners she was teaching the little girls were also very OTT – I mean how can you expect children to know which knife and fork to use out of an option of five? Or why they shouldn’t put elbows on the table? Or why they should or shouldn’t cross their legs? They’re five year old kids! They should be hanging out of trees!

I suppose it is nice that this lady is enjoying a sort of ‘second childhood’, and I guess little girls do like tea parties so it must be nice to actually get paid for such an easy job, but I really hope I never get to that stage in life, where I feel the need to dress up and play make believe with someone else’s children. The fact that she had white hair and looked like a witch really didn’t help.


  1. Hah, that's a pretty ridiculous job, but I'd love to have it! What a way to make a living. Though I guess in order to do that I'd have to start giving a damn about table manners and the like...

  2. Yeah, I guess it'd be an easy way to make a living but no elbows on the table and such just ain't really my thang...!

  3. I NEED THAT JOB!!!!!

    I'm sorry....but I do.....

  4. i would love to be a fairy and get paid for it :-)

  5. I think she is lovely and has a lovely job. But of course ugly feminist american women can't appreciate feminine women and try to bring them down anytime they can.