Friday, July 2, 2010

Why go out on a Friday night when you can pig out on chocolate instead...

Normally I don't mind being at home with nothing to do. Well, I do, but not as much as I hate being home on a Friday night. I don't know why I feel this way, because I have work early tomorrow morning so obviously during the week when I have all morning to lie in would seem like an appropriate time to go out, but there you go - I simply hate being home on a Friday. And Saturday, although I usually work Saturday nights as well as days, so its not so bad. So I was moping about feeling particularly sorry for myself when a sudden craving for chocolate sprung up.

Chocolate solves ALL problems.

However, as my mother does not each such nonsense, neither do the rest of us. She only buys biscuits because my Dad insists, and even at that they're crappy Lidle brand McVities. Definitely not enough to satisfy my chocolate needs.

That is when I discovered five minute chocolate mug cake.

Oh. Wow. This could ruin me. I was skeptical about trying it, because let's face it - it seems to yummy to be true. But it actually does work. And it is goooood.

But definitely not good for me, because now I am only five minutes away from delicious chocolate cake at any given time. Uh oh. My only saving grace is that I'm going to try and use that fake sugar Splenda nonsense next time, all the rest of it is grand; egg, milk, flour, ah sure that's all good for you. A little coco powder never hurt anyone either. I'll ignore the oil ...

Give it a shot. I'll let you know how that Splenda stuff works out. To be honest I'm kinda hoping it won't work, cos if it does I'm literally going to make this all the time.


  1. Oh. My. God. This is my official piece of learning for the day.

    I love the reference on that blog to being desperate enough to go at the chocolate flakes with a spoon. I usually turn to the jar of Nutella at that stage *shame*

    Seriously though, that's genius! Definitely giving it a try soon. I hate that staying in on Friday thing too, your brain is giving you lots of rational justification (work, money, liver disease etc) but every other fibre of your being is screaming that you're wasting your youth...

    Stay away from Splenda! Difficult as it is to resist their "hilarious" advertising campaign ("got any sugar, Earl?"). Console yourself that at least sugar is a vaguely natural product (works for me)!

  2. Lol I tried them a while ago, but thankfully I didn't get hooked! I have been on a crazy cupcake-making craze recently though, because I bought an electric mixer, so butter cream icing is only a moment away *sigh*

  3. Oh why oh why have you shown me this, i will undoubtedly gain about twenty pounds now... :-(

  4. Oh I have been known to devour a whole thing of Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon... no need to hang your head in shame here! Yeah I did attempt the Splenda thing, it wasn't quite the same...

    Mmm cupcakes! I love baking, sooo much better than store bought ones :-)

    HA victoria, like you could ever be fat!