Monday, August 9, 2010

"And this was inspired by a bin liner and a vampire ..."

Day one of the new job completed, and it wasn’t half bad! I mostly whizz around in awesome little pink car handing out free stuff for a radio station ... you can probably guess which one. Getting up at six is definitely going to take some getting used to; once it starts getting dark I would say it’s extremely hard. And as much as you might think driving around all day is graaand, it honestly does take it out of you; it’s far more concentration than I’m used to!

Anyway, I’m dreadfully tired, so here is a lazy post full of dreadful “wtbf were you thinking??” kind of outfits. For my amusement. See, famous people are shite sometimes too.

We'll start with Britney Spears. I hope this was an 'Undead Schoolgirl' Halloween outfit.

Agyness Dean decided it would be fun to glue bits of bathroom carpet to a plastic bag.

Ciara (fucking pronounced 'KEAR-AH', not 'see-air-ah') has made some powerful enemies ... the family of all those swans she murdered. Swans can break your arm, you know.

Heather Mills ... how, I mean just how did she think this looked lovely??

Ke$ha borrows Joey's Japanese 'Ichibon'.

Emma Roberts squeezes her boobs into this thing and channels the oh-so-popular horribly deathly pale vampire look.

Noooo ... no. No, no, no.

It looks like she's going for the 'super hero' vibe ... umm ... Big Green ... Winged, Thing...?? To the rescue!

I just ... I just can't. No words.

Leona Lewis ... I don't know what to ... my head hurts

I love laughing at other people's misfortune :-)


  1. Those pictures made me LOL big time. Thank you for that.

    Good stuff with the new job by the by!

  2. Little pink car? Hmm ... 'spinning' around town, are you?! :-P