Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hills are alive ...

As if Irish television doesn’t have enough to cry about, I recently heard something that made my heart stop quicker than Lindsey Lohan’s does when she hears the words ‘drink’ and ‘driving’ used together in the same sentence.

Apparently ... there is to be an Irish version of ‘The Hills’.


So far, there’s very little information going on this, and I did a good bit of trawling through Google to discover any little tidbits, but it has been confirmed and is seemingly in the process of filming. It will be called ‘Fade Street’, which I anticipate will provide all manner of puns; “Fading stars of bad reality show”, “Fading into the background”, “Crappy Irish reality shite fades away forever”, and so on and so forth.

I got this from the Herald ... “Reality TV cameras are rumoured to have descended on private members club Residence, where they were filming top secret scenes for an Irish version of The Hills. The party was being captured by cameras for reality show Fade Street, which will star a number of little known socialites as well as model Vogue Williams.”

As far as I know, the set up is virtually the same – rich kids playing and trying to convince us they do work. So far there’s some rich Irish guy’s son, a couple of wannabe models trying to make it, and a girl who bagged an internship at Stellar magazine.

Sound familiar??

The one slight odd girl out is Danielle, who is a trainee tattoo artist. Kinda cool. Of course, she’s still a model. Duhh.

If I’m totally honest now ... I’m rather looking forward to this. Not because I think it will be in any way good – god no – but because I do love a good car crash show. I know LC and co are loved and adored over there, but somehow I just can’t see it quite working out the same over here ...

How and ever, this comes from the maker of 'Dan and Becs', and 'Sarah and Steve', which I find hilarious, so I’m going to give it a chance. Maybe its ripping the piss outta The Hills?? Or maybe it will surprise everyone and actually involve half decent people going to half decent places rather than falling in and out of Krystle every night of the week?

Who knows? Either way, I am intrigued ...


  1. oh sweet jaysis! bet you we will know AT LEAST one person on the show, or know someone who knows a person. I'll admit, I watched the hills on MTV much to the dismay of my fella who just didnt get it. infact, i didnt really get it either as I cant stand these type of girls but still couldnt bring myself to switch over. Im cringing at the thought of this. but maybe it will prove us wrong?

    Love the pic btw! .x.

  2. RARRR it angers me greatly.

    Did you know that I was Stellar magazine's first intern? And no one made a show outta that, thank christ. It's hardly vogue like. Grrr.

    I hated the hills (even though it was compelling viewing at times) and i know I'll hate this irish one even more...xx

  3. Urgh, it looks SO irritating!!! The girls themselves just have attitudes that make you want to smush their faces!

  4. Yeah everyone is bound to be connected to at least one of them somehow, Dublin is too small for these kinds of things! I doubt it will prove us wrong, but sure innocent until proven guilty and all ...

    Aisling you had an internship in Stellar?! Nice! They should have made a tv show about that, I bet you would have made for far more interesting viewing than these wannabe models!

  5. Raaa I know! Totally agree.

    And yeah, I was Stellar's very first intern ever - if you check the credits on the issues from April/May/June this year, my name is there :) And it freakin' kills me that some 'model' called Vogue (who I am presuming has half a brain) is getting to be filmed doing what I did before her. Grinds my gears big time.

    U coming to the blogger get together?xx

  6. Ah here, this is just crazy stuff ! the hills was a guilty pleasure we grew up watching but even they have moved on . It should be interesting to see what happens .


    Fifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls)

  7. I know, I wonder if her mother actually called her 'Vogue' or if she just started calling herself that one day... in which case half a brain is probably being generous ;-)

    Crazy stuff indeed! Move on and let go!