Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me again...

Ooh two posts in one day! Except this is an uber quickie; a follow up on the one before the last ...

Check this out, my friends...

Sooo ... are we still thinking it looks craptastic?!


  1. oh sweet lord, its reeeeally going ahead then? im intrigued! .x.

  2. That it is, I was in the Wright Venue on Friday night and apparently there was a camera crew floating around filming for it! See if you can spot a totally oblivious me falling all over the place in the background, hehe ... wait actually, no it's probably for the best if you don't try to spot me ...!

    I'm very intrigued ... especially when it comes to people in the background?! They're all too cool in Hollywood to wave at the camera but like come on, can't you just picture a load of knackers in the background making 'i'd roid yeh!' motions?!!

  3. baaaahaaa! my eyes are gona be glued to the background now KC gurl! this is either gona be a major flop in irish TV land or it will loike tooooootally blow everyone away, and it will be as big as the Hills, imagine! we'll see! .x.

  4. It's hard to tell! RTE have taken so many good ideas and RUINED them in the wait and see, I guess!

  5. I think it will be some sort of bizzare hybrid of a flop and blowing everyone away. I think its going to be cringingly awful, but that people will be weirdly fascinated and be totally glued to it anyway. Hypnotising ...

    Oh, RTE have butchered many things. TV3 are no better. *Shakes head at the state of Irish television*