Thursday, August 12, 2010

One man and his granddaughter ... I mean, daughter ...

Is anyone else mildly disturbed by the fact that Rod Stewart is having another baby? The man is 66. This means he will be in his mid-seventies when his kid is only ten. I don’t think my granddad was even that age when I was ten? I know there’s always debates over whether there’s such a thing as being ‘too old’ to be a parent, and sure, as long as you can provide a child with a loving home then you should be fit to care for him or her, but you could also say that being so old you’re unable to kick a football around with your ten year old son just isn’t fair on the child. I don’t know ... there’s a lot of grey areas on this one, but I personally think sixty six is too old.

Even the fifties might be pushing it a bit ... Kelsey Grammar, AKA Fraiser, has also knocked up his girlfriend, at the ripe old age of fifty five. I think possibly the *shudder*-iest (yes its a word...) thing about this one though is that his girlf is only twenty nine ... and her mother is three years younger that Kelsey Grammar.

“Mummy ... why is daddy older than grandma?”

In fact, Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly is thirty one ... while his pregnant wife is thirty nine. She could have easily had a baby a few years ago – let’s say she had a three year old daughter. Her new auntie would be three years younger than her!

Alright alright, I know “Love conquers all” blah blah blah, but I just find all these age differences weird. My grandparents are old, and my aunties and uncles are all around about the same age as my parents. As they should be.

OK, so that might be a little close minded ... I prefer ‘traditional’ ... ;-)


  1. No i'm with you, he's far too old. Its just not fair on the kid like, what is a buzzing, energetic ten year old gonna do with a 76 year old dad?? Poor child :-(

  2. Well, considering there are grandparents out there who are raising their grandchildren for whatever reason, I don't see why Rod Stewart can't be a dad in his sixties ...

    I do see your point though. It is a bit unfair on the child to not be able to play with their father. At least he has a much older brother to hopefully step into the father role when Rod kicks the bucket.

  3. totally with you on the 'traditional' thing...

    I still get a bit weirded out that my boyfriends parents are in their late 60s while mine are in their mid forties. He's the youngest by 15 years and I'm the eldest by 6 so it kinda is ok but still...odd. He has a nephew who I could go out with and it wouldnt be weird.

    Old people have fertility problems for a reason - nature wants you to stop having kids when you're looking into buying a zimmerframe.x

  4. A-men to that! If your body wont do it, its because its not meant to. People born during the second world war should not still be popping them out, just enjoy spoiling the grandkids and leave well enough alone!