Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That's not actually rubbish, love ... ?

Has anyone else seen this ... ?

I am totally baffled. The calm and casual nature by which she simply places the LIVING CAT in the bin as though it were a crisp wrapper and then strolls along her merry way as though this type of behaviour were perfectly normal ... like, wtf?!

Apparently she needs police protection now as a gang of papparazzi have set up camp outside her house, and she's received death threats. Alright, death threats might be taking it a bit far but like ... I just do not understand what on earth was going through this woman's head that she would stop to pet a nice kitty and then just randomly throw it in a bin?!

Weirdo. I would like to throw her in a bin. Although, the fact that this has been on the news several times in two days and has even made the front page of some tabloids newspapers amuses me greatly.


  1. Weirdest thing ever! I was so confused when I saw that. Although Sky News were making it sound like someone had thrown the Pope into a bin. I mean, yeah, the poor cat. But it's hardly an international incident?x

  2. That was disgusting! I genuinely could believe she was actually doing it!

  3. Ha yeah they did make rather a big deal out of it, it was literally on repeat every hour or so, and in all the papers ... I'm fairly certain there's more important things in the world! And she's receiving death threats and stuff now?! Step too far, methinks!

    Couldn't quite believe it either, had too watch it a couple of times before it sunk in that it wasn't actually a joke!

  4. She's a nutjob!
    Thank God the cat was all right - some people treat animals like rubbish (eh literally in this case!)
    She kept saying she didn't see the big deal as it was 'only a cat' ...
    Death threats... hmm, can't say I feel sorry for her at all.

  5. "Only a cat ..."

    Lets throw her in a bin for fifteen hours and see if she likes it.