Monday, September 6, 2010

It's all your fault! *SMACK!*

The X Factor never ceases to provide me with endless entertainment. Check out this particular audition!

Uh - may - ZING!!! This is literally one of the funniest auditions I've seen in a long time. How in this world those two thought they had any kind of talent whatsoever is utterly beyond me. And telling the audience to shut up?! Yeah, smart move. The moment they started giggling like twelve year olds I knew it was over.

"Why have you decided to sing today?"
"Emm, well like, I dunno? Just because, like, well I dunno really you know? Because like - ohmygod would everyone stop laughing at me! - because like we randomly sing with each other, so ... you know?!"

Clearly though the absolute best part is when yer wan punches the other wan! And the proceeds to tell us backstage that she was the one who messed it all up ... by asking Natalie Imbruglia who she was! You could not make this stuff up. Comedic genius.

But as I was laughing myself silly, my friend frowned and pointed out that they deserve sympathy as there was clearly something ... emm ... 'not quite right' about them, which, to be totally honest, made me laugh even more because I'm fairly certain they are quite mentally stable, and are in fact just a pair of completely deluded muppets.

I can't watch it anymore now without wanting to hide behind my hands. Car crash TV at its absolute finest!


  1. its truly hilarious how deluded some of the auditionees are isnt it? And as for those two idiot girls - imagine looking back at yourself and seeing someone that VILE??? ON TELLY??? Ew.

    Lovin' yer wan Cher tho. Really cool.

  2. I found that audition a combination of hilarious and cringy. I just couldn't work out how their parents could let them go up there and do that?! I mean I know you should never crush your child's dream ... but come on.

  3. I was just absolutely *dying* to fix their foundation! Jesus. Least maybe a little of it blended when she got punched in the face.

  4. teehee, agreed on the foundation - big oragne lines - looked like the work of ancient panstick or something? i did feel sorry for these girls, i mean, imagine all the people who know them and saw this? they're screwed, gona be made fun of FOR LIFE! and the parents, what about them? they didnt seem right either to be honest. im cringing just thinking about the whole thing. why the HELL would their parents let them on the show, and worse still, go to support the fiasco? im baffled1

  5. @Herself - ooh I know, Cher is definitely one to watch! Uber cool.

    @Liz - No I'm with you on the parent thing ... crush away, its most definitely for their own benefit!

    @Elle - ha would you believe I barely even noticed that?! I had to go back and watch it after you'd said it out of sheer curiosity ... and I couldn't agree more! It's like someone drew a line around their chins and just coloured in their faces in orange!

    @Skinni Peach - I know, literally one of the first things that came to mind was, oh god I bet their Facebook pages are being ripped to shreds as we speak! How could you face going back to school after that?! And after that slap in the face they don't even have each other for comfort!!

  6. Haha! I'm so glad X Factor is back! Those two were unreal (and not in a good way!)! They were so bad my ears bled*! Loved Cher doing her little swagga - def my fave!

    *not literally as that would be too gross!