Thursday, September 9, 2010

No no honey, that five thousand euro on the credit card bill was spent on ... em, presents ... for you??

So now Wayne Rooney was cheating on the missus! While she was up the duff and all ... can no one keep it in their goddam pants any more?
To date, as of late, the following horny feckers dudes have cheated on their significant others ...

Tiger Woods
Jesse James
Ashley Cole
Peter Crouch
John Terry
David Beckham
Frank Lampard
Mark Owen
Ronan Keating
Vernon Kay (although that was just texting, not physical cheating..)
And now Wayne Rooney. Not to mention the original shocker - Jude Law.

One of the things I just don't understand is why on earth they think hiring a prostitute is a good idea ... I mean come on, clearly she's going to sell the story?! A big magazine will pay her far more for a scoop like that than your night of pleasure! Half of them probably hire themselves out just so they can sell the story!

Tiger Woods is the epitome of this ... over a hundred affairs?! I mean, obviously at least ONE of them was going to come forward ... I don't know how the hell he thought he'd get away with all that.

An awful lot of these muppets are footballers. I think that when you earn such a ridiculous amount of money at such a young age, and are treated basically like a god to a lot of people, it can only lead to bad things. I know some people who reckon its because none of them are allowed drink for months on end, so ... eh, certain 'frustrations' shall we say, all build up. But like ... can you not get that at home? From your loved one? And there are far more people in the world who don't drink at all than do ... are they all off riding everyone who crosses their path? Ehh no. Sort it out, lads.

And the saddest thing is that half of the girls have taken them back again. Abby Clancy took back Peter Crouch, and bizzarely enough has even decided that they should have a feckin baby together and this will make everything ok...! Ehh ... you wanna explain that logic to me?!

I don't want to come across as hypocritical or anything; I'm sure plenty of women cheat too. Its just that a lot of the recent allegations and scandals have been about guys.

All I can say is ... thank the LORD I'm not one of those 'wags'. They must all be in some serious paranoia now wondering if their footballer is the next one to come out as a cheater. Ah well ... at least they'll get a hefty bitch of a divorce settlement.


  1. Sing it, sista! :) I can't understand how they think they wont be found out. Although, their brains are in their calf muscles so, maybe the intellectual section of the population are asking too much of the poor, stupid footballers?

    And as for the women taking them back - it'll ruin their lives! They'll see that eventually.

  2. I actually feel so sorry for Colleen. Not only is she stuck with him, she doesn't have the 'People's Princess' tag that Queen Cheryl of Cole has. Theres no way she'll be able to parade her post-divorce fab hair and wardrobe in front of 10 million people every saturday night.

    I love your blog, the post about being stopped by the Guards with all the vodka in your car made me laugh so hard I choked on my tea!

    I've just started my own blog and I'm trying to build up posts and readers. It's hard but fun work!

    xxx polkadot

  3. More like their brains are in their penises... ;-) Yeah, I really hope they do see that eventually. You'd just always be left wondering every time he's away with the team ... are there prostitutes involved?!

    Polkadot, always good to see new bloggers!! :-) Hehe yes the vodka thing was certainly a memorable experience!

  4. feel so sorry for these waaaaaags. they're too scared to leave the cheaters as the rich lifestyle is gone for good if they do. Imagine what it must be like to sit at home every time they leave and worry about what they're doing and whom they're doing it with? as for the prositutes, its a power thing i think, being able to pay for what you want? And agreed, they have way too much money way too young. they truly are treated like gods in their little footi bubble, plus, they have girls throwing themselves at them in every direction - their heads must be MEGA! i wouldnt go near a footballer, give me a farmer anyday!

  5. Year of the cheat :(
    It makes me sad when I hear all these stories. Boo. All the girls are so fab - why would they cheat?! Abby Clancy is unreeeeaaallll looking! And Ronan Keating?! Biggest Shocker! Thought he'd be luffly...

  6. Skinni - heehee agreed, gimme a farmer over a footballer any time!!

    Kellebelle - I know! I can't say I'm Ronan Keating's biggest fan but I definitely did NOT picture him as the cheating type. And it wasn't even a once off, it was a proper affair. I was very shocked altogether.