Sunday, September 12, 2010

Once you pop, you just can't stop!

I've seen this video before, and I'm sure many of you have too, but I still find it hilarious. I think I laugh more at Twilight that with it.

There is also quite a good Harry Potter one that I hadn't seen before...

I'm so easily amused :-)
While we're on Twilight parodies ... here's some more!

This one is a bit extreme, but I LOL'd...

Then I found this one, which I initially thought was just an extremely well made spoof ... but is actually a real movie! I looked it up and it got aaawful reviews, which, seeing as its from the makers of 'Epic Movie', I could well believe (not to mention the fact that my friend said its atrociously bad), but the trailer is pretty good for a two minute laugh.

Sorry about all the slagging of Twilight, I'm not sure where that came from! But once I saw one YouTube video, I just ended up watching about twenty more ... YouTube has that pringles effect on people some times!


  1. I have lost hours of my life thanks to the Pringle Effect with youtube... A dangerous procrastination tool.x

  2. Definitely! I remember looking up a video for college a while ago, and then clicking on another and another and another ... two hours later I was watching some crazy girl doing her own dance to Beyonce's single ladies all the while telling myself, "they're all for college, it's graaaand..."

  3. I've seen the twilight jizz in my pants before, but it really never gets old ... ;-)