Sunday, October 31, 2010

"What do you mean, 'treat'...? Where's my free candy?!"

Halloween baffles me. It just seems wrong to convince kids that there's one night out of the year that mummy and daddy says its ok to accept sweets from total strangers. Not even that - but to go asking for them! And when they say, 'Trick or treat!', has anyone ever asked for a trick? Children are stumped if you try this; they have no understanding of this concept, all they know is to say these three little words and they automatically get free goodies - why question it?

"Mummy ... why is the crazy lady asking for tricks? Where are our sweets?!"

Halloween was originally the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when people believed spirits and ghosts were able to travel between their world and ours on this one night. It was an honour if the spirits of relatives came to your door, and you were supposed to invite them in and provide them with food and shelter, while harmful spirits were kept at bay by wearing frightening masks and clothing. Fast forward several hundred years and we've turned that into mini witches and ghosts stuffing their faces with bagfuls of sweets. Not to mention the fact that its the only night where its totally acceptable to look like a slut and get away with it.

Free sweets and perfect reasoning to get drunk in a mini skirt ... God I love Halloween. :-)

My personal favourite...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wait.. how am I even typing this right now...?

Jesus, over a week?! My sincerest apologies, my only excuse is that three out of the four days I worked this week (god bless you, bank holiday monday...) were twelve and a half hour days. I got home last night and literally fell into bed with a cup of tea and four episodes of gossip girl ... wiiiiild friday night.

I did manage to find time to buy a lovely new laptop the other day. Its a Sony Vaio, it has more memory than my last one (despite the fact that my last one was three hundred euro more expensive - there's that long forgotten Celtic Tiger for ya..) it has various excellent photo and editing devices, loads things much quicker, is smaller and lighter, and its PINK!!!

But. Despite all this fantastic-ness (its a word..) what it does not have, is ...

FECKING MICROSOFT WORD. Or any kind of programme that allows me to type things. I know most laptops don't come with this installed, but its eighty odd quid to buy the disk, and even when you do that you only get to install it twice!

Seriously, should this type of thing not come with your laptop? I mean, isn't basic typing stuff one of the main reasons anyone even buys a computer??? Its such an expected function, surely it wouldn't kill them to include it in the several hundred euro price tag. Ugh. If only it were something you could illegally download for free!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oooh, shiny ...

Kanye West recently had his entire bottom row of teeth covered in diamonds.


He initially claimed that he had actually had his bottom teeth removed altogether and replaced with diamonds, but no one could quite believe that such a musical genius could be so retarded, so reports floated around that the diamonds were actually drilled into Kanye’s teeth.

Some people get theirs straightened, others opt for ust a bit of a polish, but no, Mr. ‘your teeth are nice and all, but mine are the shiniest of all time!’ has to go and get diamonds permanently drilled into his chompers. Am I the only one who involuntarily winces at the thought of things being drilled into my teeth?

But surely these are hard to clean? And I can’t imagine it’s exactly good for your teeth, like it probably does the enamel no favours?

Not to mention the fact that he looks like a total and utter muppet?

But it’s ok folks; Kanye explains the logical reasoning behind this carefully considered decision ...

“There are some things that rock stars are just meant to do”.

Wise words.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Love or to Hate ...

It’s been a long auld week. Here’s a list of random stuff that I’m liking at the moment, and some other stuff I’m bad mouthing all over town ...


Gossip Girl
For some strange reason, I never got into gossip girl when it first started. I think it was because I hated those books with a burning passion so avoided the tv series at all costs, but I have fiiinally cracked, after numerous friends and my boyfriend (I actually know a lot more guys than girls who love this show) wouldn’t stop bangin on about it.

It. Is. Awesome.

It’s nothing like the books at all. They basically took the character names and the fact that the show is set in Manhattan and left it at that; everything else is totally different, and thank god for that! I’m almost done with series one – NO ONE give anything away!!!

The new Ross O’Carroll-Kelly book

Ah now lads, before you start yappin on about how utterly shite that ROCK nonsense is and how you wouldn’t be caught dead in Abercrombie or Uggs, just chill out there and give it a chance. Take most of it (alright, every single page) with a (generous) pinch of salt, and its actually fantastically written comedic genius. It pokes just the right amount of fun at everything about the Celtic Tiger and the recession, without ever going too over the top. Brilliant. I absolutely love it for a bitta light hearted reading.

X Factor!
Nothing like a two hour marathon taking up your pre-drinking on a Saturday night to send you off into town on a high note. As much as I disliked Nicolo, I wasn’t expecting him to go first. And what the hell was that thing on Katie’s head? I know your all quirky and ‘different’ love, but only Lady Gaga can pull that crap off.

Smashbox primer
Finally, my make up doesn’t melt off my face by lunch time. It lasts til at least mid afternoon now ...

Free blackberry
Work does have some perks!!

Strawberry and lime Kopparberg
Can’t even taste the alcohol, it’s like drinking strawberry juice ... delish!



That goddam fucking Ikea ad for kitchens
I honestly don’t know why, I just cannot stand it. Like I can’t even watch it anymore, I have to turn it off, the ‘lyrics’ if you will read like they were thrown together by a child on the bus on the way to school, and those two muppets who sing the chorus are robots with only one facial expression who barely even move. HATE IT!

As much as I’ve been in denial about this, it’s getting to that time of year when you have to start giving yourself an extra five minutes to defrost the car window. Boo-urns.

Early weekend mornings
I forgot to turn my alarm of on Friday night and it went off at six fifteen on Saturday morning. Soooo not cool. At all.

Halloween on a Sunday
Oh great, I'll be getting up at six the next morning to go to work. Fabulous. I’d usually be rolling in the door at six on Halloween. Hmm, this could end badly ...

I should add home made roast dinners to my Lurve List ... seeing as I'm off to have one now ... ;-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Waxing for Tweens ... Twaxing ...??

I was listening to the radio today and there was a big debate on about this beauty salon somewhere in Dublin (they wouldn’t say what one) that is apparently offering bikini waxes to kids.

Yeah. Like from eleven years old and up. It's called 'The Little Lady' wax. I mean, I’m all for good grooming, but like ... does an eleven year old even have hair down there?! Much less understand why it should be kept neat and tidy?!

I think it’s a bit too much, and it’s also a bit harsh to put an eleven year old through that kind of pain! I mean fair enough, every now and again you’ll get an early developer who has a full on forest going on and is getting made fun of in swimming class, but perhaps just encourage her to keep it trim, or maybe wear boy short bikini bottoms? I dunno, maybe I’m being old fashioned here but I just think kids that age should be playing with dolls and hanging out of trees, not heading to the beauty parlour with Mummy to get a wax.

On a completely random and different note, I have found myself getting really addicted to the Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen’s band. She did an acoustic cover of Just Tonight recently, and it’s actually really good.

This annoys me. Because I cannot stand the girl.

I hate her whole, “I’m so different and moody and misunderstood and express my tortured soul through my music and I wear shredded garbage clothes and still look like a hot mess” image. It annoys the bloody crap out of me. I honestly do really like her band and her voice, but like, why the feck can’t she just be ... nice?? And tell everyone about her normal, happy childhood?

Excellent singer she most certainly is; female Kurt Cobain she ain’t.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am ill.

Well. Not properly ill. I have a cold ... but as anyone who has ever had a cold will know, there is nothing worse and you just feel like total crap and you feel sooo sorry for yourself and want copious amounts of sympathy from everybody, which you don't get of course because a cold hardly puts you in the 'endangered' category.

But because the thought of getting up at six tomorrow morning for work when I know I'm going to wake up at least five times throughout the night tonight because I can't actually breath through my nose is making me want to drive my car into a lake, yiz can feck off if you think there will be a post tonight. Not to mention the fact that I decided to still go to the gym earlier ... mistake, due to the aforementioned lack of breathing ability. Learn from my mistakes, please.

So I'm gonna curl up in bed with a gallon of lemsip and grumpily demand sympathy from my whole family, because clearly there is no one worse off than me right now. Ahem ...

Also, I'm about to watch a programme on Living called 'Old Enough to be His Mother'.

HA. This will be interesting ...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Take me to that Town

Lads, please forgive me for all the tumbleweed drifting around the place, I've been pulling some late nights and then when the weekend finally rolled around I ran out of my house on Friday and never looked back.

But here I am again, and somehow I managed to squeeze a trip to the cinema into my hectic schedule this week. I strolled on down to Stillorgan on Tuesday (Tuesdays are bargains - a student card will get you a ticket, popcorn, and drink for seven quid!! Amazo) with the boyfriend to see the much hyped, "The Town". I was actually working at the premier of this (dudes, I met Ben Affleck. Can die happy now), but I didn't stick around to watch the film. Which was a mistake, as it was only amaaazing, and would have been even more amazing if I had been watching it with Ben Affleck a mere lassoo throw away from me. And, not only was in in fine form acting wise, he directed it too! Double points. Yum.

I have done my best to keep this to a review, and as such I don't feel I've given anything vital away, but if you don't want to know anything at all, its probably best to tread lightly... ;-)


So. The plot consists of four friends who are bank robbers (Doug - Ben Affleck, Jem - Jeremy Rener, Gloansy - Slaine, and Dez - Owen Burke), living in Charlestown in Massachusetts, which is apparently the birth place of more bank robbers than anywhere else in the States. Lovely. Off they go to rob a bank so, and they end up taking bank manager Claire (Rebbecca Hall) hostage. Doug insists that they let her go after they've gotten away, Jem later convinces him to check up on her and see if she needs to be 'taken care of'. Doug goes off to see if he needs to kill her and ends falling in love with her, as ya do. On a side note, Jem's sister Krista is an old flame of Doug's, and there is constant speculation as to whether her toddler is actually his. Gossip Girl's Blake Lively is flippin' fabulous as crack addled, drunk, teenage mother Krista; a far cry from the Upper East Side, and definitely proving her versatility as an actress.

The gang plan another robbery, as set up by their 'boss', as such; Fergie, a local florist who happens to be a very long time criminal (Pete Postlethwaite on excellent form). Doug isn't keen however, and this proves to be for good reason - the cops show up and they barely get away. This proves to be somewhat of a turning point for Doug, who we see has become disheartened with the whole lifestyle. Not only this, but the FBI are fast closing in on Doug and his gang.

Doug's relationship with Claire intensifies, and he starts revealing things about his traumatic childhood; I won't give anything away, but you can tell that Doug is essentially a good guy who unfortunately got caught up in a bad lifestyle through upbringing and circumstance. Eventually, Doug decides he wants to leave Charlestown with Claire and make a better life for himself; the only problem is Fergie, who is not impressed with his best team of bank robbers suddenly being down a member. He insists on Doug partaking in one last ultimate heist, and threatens Claire's life to get him to do so.

I'll leave it at that, because the ending is fantastic and will have you on the edge of your seat. Some people have said the outcome was stupid - why didn't they just walk away? But I thought it was very well done; their lifestyle is so ingrained into their existence and how they define themselves that there was simply no alternative.

The only aspect of the film that I didn't like was Rebecca Hall. I don't know if it was her acting or the actual character, but I just wasn't feeling the spark between her and Doug/Ben. The character Claire was a bit contrived - she's the total opposite of who Doug would go for, and she was just so lovely and so nice and so sweet and so perfect ... didn't like it. I felt the relationship between her and Doug developed too quickly.

Other than that though, I definitely recommend this film. And while we're at it, the last film that Ben directed was 'Gone Baby, Gone', which I also hiiiighly recommend!

To summarise: we love Ben Affleck :-)