Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am ill.

Well. Not properly ill. I have a cold ... but as anyone who has ever had a cold will know, there is nothing worse and you just feel like total crap and you feel sooo sorry for yourself and want copious amounts of sympathy from everybody, which you don't get of course because a cold hardly puts you in the 'endangered' category.

But because the thought of getting up at six tomorrow morning for work when I know I'm going to wake up at least five times throughout the night tonight because I can't actually breath through my nose is making me want to drive my car into a lake, yiz can feck off if you think there will be a post tonight. Not to mention the fact that I decided to still go to the gym earlier ... mistake, due to the aforementioned lack of breathing ability. Learn from my mistakes, please.

So I'm gonna curl up in bed with a gallon of lemsip and grumpily demand sympathy from my whole family, because clearly there is no one worse off than me right now. Ahem ...

Also, I'm about to watch a programme on Living called 'Old Enough to be His Mother'.

HA. This will be interesting ...


  1. Awh colds suck! Boo hiss! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. you poor thing... my illness has departed and I hope yours does too. :) x

  3. Thanks guys, I'm getting there! :-) xx