Friday, October 22, 2010

Oooh, shiny ...

Kanye West recently had his entire bottom row of teeth covered in diamonds.


He initially claimed that he had actually had his bottom teeth removed altogether and replaced with diamonds, but no one could quite believe that such a musical genius could be so retarded, so reports floated around that the diamonds were actually drilled into Kanye’s teeth.

Some people get theirs straightened, others opt for ust a bit of a polish, but no, Mr. ‘your teeth are nice and all, but mine are the shiniest of all time!’ has to go and get diamonds permanently drilled into his chompers. Am I the only one who involuntarily winces at the thought of things being drilled into my teeth?

But surely these are hard to clean? And I can’t imagine it’s exactly good for your teeth, like it probably does the enamel no favours?

Not to mention the fact that he looks like a total and utter muppet?

But it’s ok folks; Kanye explains the logical reasoning behind this carefully considered decision ...

“There are some things that rock stars are just meant to do”.

Wise words.


  1. ha!! how good would i look with those bad boys.. ;-)

  2. Oh good lord ... taking the meaning of 'bling' a step too far..

  3. GAH!!!!!! haha. I'm gonna get them in my teeth....nawt.

  4. Victoria you would look like a babe ;-)

  5. Kanye West. He gave us Gold Digger. He has NOTHING left to offer the world, so someone should just end him. :)

  6. He's going to be morto the next time he gets spinach in his teeth. Tut tut Kanye.

  7. Aisling - I'm inclined to agree...

    Sarah - HAHA!!!