Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wait.. how am I even typing this right now...?

Jesus, over a week?! My sincerest apologies, my only excuse is that three out of the four days I worked this week (god bless you, bank holiday monday...) were twelve and a half hour days. I got home last night and literally fell into bed with a cup of tea and four episodes of gossip girl ... wiiiiild friday night.

I did manage to find time to buy a lovely new laptop the other day. Its a Sony Vaio, it has more memory than my last one (despite the fact that my last one was three hundred euro more expensive - there's that long forgotten Celtic Tiger for ya..) it has various excellent photo and editing devices, loads things much quicker, is smaller and lighter, and its PINK!!!

But. Despite all this fantastic-ness (its a word..) what it does not have, is ...

FECKING MICROSOFT WORD. Or any kind of programme that allows me to type things. I know most laptops don't come with this installed, but its eighty odd quid to buy the disk, and even when you do that you only get to install it twice!

Seriously, should this type of thing not come with your laptop? I mean, isn't basic typing stuff one of the main reasons anyone even buys a computer??? Its such an expected function, surely it wouldn't kill them to include it in the several hundred euro price tag. Ugh. If only it were something you could illegally download for free!!


  1. argh its soooo annoying isn't it?! Its such a basic laptop function you'd think it's be included! x

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