Monday, October 11, 2010

Waxing for Tweens ... Twaxing ...??

I was listening to the radio today and there was a big debate on about this beauty salon somewhere in Dublin (they wouldn’t say what one) that is apparently offering bikini waxes to kids.

Yeah. Like from eleven years old and up. It's called 'The Little Lady' wax. I mean, I’m all for good grooming, but like ... does an eleven year old even have hair down there?! Much less understand why it should be kept neat and tidy?!

I think it’s a bit too much, and it’s also a bit harsh to put an eleven year old through that kind of pain! I mean fair enough, every now and again you’ll get an early developer who has a full on forest going on and is getting made fun of in swimming class, but perhaps just encourage her to keep it trim, or maybe wear boy short bikini bottoms? I dunno, maybe I’m being old fashioned here but I just think kids that age should be playing with dolls and hanging out of trees, not heading to the beauty parlour with Mummy to get a wax.

On a completely random and different note, I have found myself getting really addicted to the Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen’s band. She did an acoustic cover of Just Tonight recently, and it’s actually really good.

This annoys me. Because I cannot stand the girl.

I hate her whole, “I’m so different and moody and misunderstood and express my tortured soul through my music and I wear shredded garbage clothes and still look like a hot mess” image. It annoys the bloody crap out of me. I honestly do really like her band and her voice, but like, why the feck can’t she just be ... nice?? And tell everyone about her normal, happy childhood?

Excellent singer she most certainly is; female Kurt Cobain she ain’t.


  1. I'm going to totally echo you and say, 'do eleven year olds even have pubic hair'? *shudder*

  2. Eugh! Omg - 11 seems waaaaaay too young for that. I mean kids should be kids and in no rush to grow up. Quite sad really.

  3. this is terrible! what the hell is happening to the world? i dread to think what its going to be like for these girls growing up if this is what they're doing at 11!! when I was 11 I had no clue such procedures exsisted and was too busy making up dances with friends! agreed, this is so sad.


  4. When I was eleven, the only contact I had with wax was sticking my fingers in melted candles while bored. LIKE NORMAL CHILDREN. Stop it now. I seriously can't believe that. What has the world come to???

    And yeah, do 11-year-olds HAVE pubic hair???x

  5. HA! I featured a similar rant on the blog a couple of months ago....great album but she needs a good smack!

    And that child-waxing thing is INSANE! I was so mad when I heard about it the other day!

  6. Sarah - I know, I shuddered for about five minutes.

    Kelle - totally agree, there should be no rush, there'll be plenty of time for waxing later!

    Skinni - tell me about it, making up dance routines was one of the most important things of my preteen existence! That and applying sparkly eyeshadow!

    Aisling - glad to know I'm not the only weirdo who dipped my finger in melted candle wax... ;-) *cough still do cough*

    Hermia - that she does, and wouldn't I just LOVE to be the one to smack her...!