Sunday, October 31, 2010

"What do you mean, 'treat'...? Where's my free candy?!"

Halloween baffles me. It just seems wrong to convince kids that there's one night out of the year that mummy and daddy says its ok to accept sweets from total strangers. Not even that - but to go asking for them! And when they say, 'Trick or treat!', has anyone ever asked for a trick? Children are stumped if you try this; they have no understanding of this concept, all they know is to say these three little words and they automatically get free goodies - why question it?

"Mummy ... why is the crazy lady asking for tricks? Where are our sweets?!"

Halloween was originally the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when people believed spirits and ghosts were able to travel between their world and ours on this one night. It was an honour if the spirits of relatives came to your door, and you were supposed to invite them in and provide them with food and shelter, while harmful spirits were kept at bay by wearing frightening masks and clothing. Fast forward several hundred years and we've turned that into mini witches and ghosts stuffing their faces with bagfuls of sweets. Not to mention the fact that its the only night where its totally acceptable to look like a slut and get away with it.

Free sweets and perfect reasoning to get drunk in a mini skirt ... God I love Halloween. :-)

My personal favourite...


  1. Jeez that cat is a cutie... :)

    Hallowe'en is just a big commercialised drink fest nowadays. But people seem to like it that way?!

  2. Such a cute cat!!! haha i get where you're coming from, it does seem a bit cruel to tell kids its alright to take sweets from strangers only on this one day ... but every other day its bold! How confusing!! x

  3. jesus, my mother went all out this year. did the hall up as a haunted cave, had a choc fountain, buckets of jelly worms, candles and pumkins everywhere, fake spider webs all over, UNREAL! there was actually lines of mini witches and devils outside the door! it was super cute. then on the way to my house i see masses of older witches in micro minis and suspenders, and devils with suspenders and disney characters........with suspenders. mad.


  4. Halloween is my favourite day of the year! Although I am against the slutty favourite outfits are the creative ones, like my friend's cousin who dressed up as a Rubix Cube at the weekend...twas amazing!

  5. Aisling - yeah, evidence would suggest that people are rather fond of the odd tipple at Halloween.. ;-)

    Skinni - Aw I loved the days when my mother ued to go mad with the deccorations, it was so much fun! Although, Disney characters with suspenders... creepy... guess I can expect nightmares tonight...

    Hermia - yeah I much prefer creative ones, don't think I've ever bought a Halloween costume! I saw two girls dressed as a pair of dice in town on saturday night, that was pretty good!


  6. Ah man I frikkin LOVE halloween, I defo missed all the dressing up nonsense this year. Only 357 days to go till the next one!!
    I love that however much it may have changed over the centuries, it has pretty much become a secular festival that can, and is celebrated by absolutely anyone and everyone.
    Great pics by the way!!