Saturday, November 20, 2010

Film Review: the only one worth reviewing right now!!!

Lads... finally... FINALLY! It's Harry Potter time!!!

I saw it last night in a completely packed out cinema (having spent the last two weeks desperately counting it down I was late and almost missed it altogether..) and I have to say I was well impressed.

As you may or may not know, the final book has been split into two films; this is the first half, and the second is out next July (something else to start counting down to...)


I won't bore you with plot details, because I'm going to assume that anyone going to see it has most likely obsessed over read the book already. But I will tell you that its very well put together. This is the first film that takes place entirely outside of Hogwarts, and considering I remember the trio spending the majority of the first half of the book stuck in a tent in various different fields, I wondered just how interesting Yates could make that - very, it turns out. For one thing alone, the scenery is surprisingly gorgeous.

Right from the beginning the tone is set, as the opening scene in Malfoy Manor is very dark indeed. This is felt repeatedly throughout the film; the scene with Bathilda Bagshot and Nagini the snake in particular almost had me thinking I was watching a horror film, and the part where Ron destroys the locket gave me definite chills. Bill and Fleur's wedding was beautiful, only to be cut short by tragedy, and its from here that the trio are on their own.

Their acting skills have most definitely improved. Ron and Harry's fight, followed by Ron's departure, was really well done, and even Emma Watson has toned down her over-acting of Hermione. She seriously impressed me during the scene with Bellatrix in Malfoy Manor - those were some crushing screams. Hermione and Harry's friendship is also touchingly done, particularly after Ron leaves.

We also have to remember that this is the book in which JK discovered her murderous streak, and disposed of an alarming number of characters. If I recall correctly, most if this happens in the final battle, and thus the second film, but there are one or two sad bits in this one ... a certain lovable elf in particular nearly had me crying.

Its not all tissues at the ready though; there are some funny moments, most of which occur at the beginning and can be contributed to the ever excellent Fred and George. "Saint like", anyone?!

One thing I wasn't happy with was the lack of time spent in Grimmauld Place at the start; I know that for the plot to progress to the fast paced stuff they had to cut it reasonably short, but I am a major Sirius fan, and I was looking forward to Harry snooping around and finding out a bit more about Sirius's past. Overall though, this was definitely the best of all the films, in my opinion, and I absolutely cannot WAIT for the last part now. The film does end on a cliffhanger; fair enough, you don;t generally find natural endings in the middle of books. A few people are grumbling about this, but I personally would prefer a cut off point and have the film stay faithful to detail (which this one does, more so than previous films) than rush through things to fit it all in. Its still a solid two and a half hours of pure entertainment, and now you have another one to look forward to!



  1. i wish i was there! glad you enjoyed it though :)

  2. I had to skip past the actual post because I havent seen it but I am SOOOO excited, going to see it tonight. :) Eeeeep! x

  3. Well in fairness its pretty faithful to the book so there shouldn't be any spoilers for you.. ;-)

    BUT all you need to know is that its freakin AWESOME. Enjoy! xx

  4. went to see it on Saturday and was in HEAVEN for the 21/2 hours - twas FAB!!! agreed about Hermiones acting and her and harry's bond is so lovely....the part where he dances with her in the tent? TEAR JERKER!! but, wtf was with the scene that Ron was imagining....the naked Hermione and Harry shifting the face off eachother looking like they were getting ready to do the deed? I had to pick my jaw up from the ground!

  5. Hahaha! I know I was like, did I miss that in the book...?! The whole cinema started wolf whistling!