Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi, I'm Mary, and I stalk two random guys off the telly!

I met Diva Fever's one stalker last night.

You might wanna re-read that ... oh, nope, you read right. I met Diva Fever's stalker last night.

Diva Fever, you ask ... those two sparkly lads who were on the X Factor for about five minutes? That no one particularly knows anything about?

Yeah ... they were booked to play a private Spin party in the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar. That's right, they actually have bookings. They have been on the X Factor for five minutes, within the last few weeks, haven't even written any songs, and they have bookings and stalkers.

For the love of all things fame whore-y.

I mean, they seem like lovely guys, they know they're only a bit of a laugh really so fair play to them, but it just slightly upsets me that we live in a world that people who have done nothing whatsoever to earn a stalker, get a stalker, and are even making money.

Like ... who are these guys??

Actually never mind them, you probably want to hear about their stalker!

Stalker: "Em, sorry, do you know if Diva Fever are going to be coming out this way?"
Me: "I'm not sure, I think so though. Are you a friend?"
Stalker: "No, I was just waiting around to see them."
Me: "Oh, are you a fan yeah?"
Stalker: "Yeah, I absolutely love them to bits, I think they're amazing!!!"
Me and fellow Spinis: "Uh huh ..."
Stalker: "I saw them last night, they were in Dandelion and some other place, so I followed them here! I love them so much, like I was talking to one of them on Facebook even, isn't that mad!"
Me and fellow Spinis: "Uh huh ..."
Stalker: "I'm not a stalker or anything, I just think they're amazing!"
Me and fellow Spinis: "Right ..."
Stalker: "So you think they'll be out this way? This is the only entrance like, I checked?"
Me: "Yeah ... if you just wait down at the bottom of the stairs, over there at the door ... *cough* away from here, basically..."
Stalker: "Ok, if they go out a different way though make sure and let me know!"
Me and fellow Spinis: "Uh huh ..."

Honestly. No joke. Not the exact words, but literally just about. This girl scared me. Not purely because she was a stalker (well, obviously that was a fair part of it...) but the fact that she was so obsessed with someone so ... not famous. Not even not famous, but not known. I don't want to sound cruel, because they were really nice guys, but to put it bluntly ... they're nothing. And they will probably disappear once the X Factor is over, if not before then.

So why was this weirdo so obsessed?!

People baffle me sometimes. Fine, if your life's dream is to become a stalker, go for it, who am I to deny you ... but at least stalk people who have done something worthy of it!!

PS - I finished work and went home before Diva Fever had left ... pity, I would have liked to have seen that little encounter.. ;-)


  1. some people are just MAD for any Z-lister they can possibly get their hands on. And there are so many X Factor die-hards that someone was bound to go all Fatal Attraction on the Diva Fever....divas.

  2. Oh..... wow.... what a nutter!! x

  3. HA!!!! That's amazing! Like it would be a little be understandable if she was a gay guy, but that's just mad!

  4. you thought that was weird?
    I mean, um, yea I guess I could tone it down a little...


    (Yeah, it wasn't me. Gig.)

  5. Hehe Elle I'm afraid we could no longer be friends if it was you.. ;-)