Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 'I love Your Blog' Interview!

God, this takes me back to the five-questionnaires-a-day era of Bebo many years ago ... but I loved that era, so here we go! ;-)

Why did you create your blog?

It was originally a first attempt at a media project in college ... I then changed my mind and sort of abandoned it for a while, but then I realised its a really good way at getting your own writing skills across, and sure its fun!

What kind of blogs do you follow?

All sorts ... mostly personal blogs, because I love reading people's opinions on a variety of things! Any sort of post that makes me laugh is a definite plus, and I do love the odd fashion blog ... I am a girl :-)

Favourite make up brand?

I actually use a bitta everything! Bobbi Brown foundations are the absolute shizzle, as is their translucent powder (keeps everything actually on your face), Smashbox primer, Diorshow blackout mascara, Lancome eyeliner, MAC eyeshadow, Bourjois blush, Revlon lippy, and Benefit bronzer ... I actually don't think I use one brand for two things ... ?! Oh and you absolutely cannot beat Laura Mercier for tinted moisturiser when its too hot to cake your face in foundation!

Your indespensible make up product?

Has to be foundation. I refuse point blank to leave the house without it on.

Favourite clothing brand?

Hmm.. for basics and cheapness, H&M is a lifesaver. I'm quite fond of Mango, they have some lovely stuff in there, and I love almost every bag in River Island. Topshop is about the only place in the world I can get jeans, because I have the most awkward size ever; 25-34, and every other shop in existence seems to think that if you have a small waist then your short, or if you're tall enough for a 34 inch leg then you're a 10 or 12. Topshop have every combination under the sun!
If we're allowed include daydreams in this, then Burberry Prorsum is top of the Most Wanted... ;-)

What's your favourite colour?

Ooh tricky ... it depends, really? Like I love pink; nailvarnish, phone covers, iPod, camera, laptop ... but then again I would never wear anything pink, I wear neutral tones mostly; cream, white, beige. Love MAC deep green eyeshadow though!

And your perfume?

Dior, Hypnotic Poison. I've used it for two years, all my clothes smell like it :-)

Favourite film?

Nooo, I hate these questions! Its impossible to choose ... up there would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Braveheart, Gladiator, Titanic, The Notebook, and pretty much anything Disney (Pocahontas being one of the all time faves)

What country would you like to visit and why?

Oooh Thailand is definitely next on the wish list! As is Japan! I've done most of Europe, and the only place in the States I've ever been interested in is New York, which I crossed off the list this summer, so I think a total culture shock would be great!

Write a question yourself and answer it ...
What's the best concert you've ever been too?

Muse at the Point a few years back ... I'd seen them already at Oxegen, but they absolutely blew me away this time. Plus, I was almost close enough to Mat Bellamy to practically nick his guitar out of his hands and do a runner ... I didn't, though ...

I think most bloggers have done this by now, so I'm just going to tag these two lovely ladies who I don't think have done it yet ... although you may well have been tagged already, apologies if you have.. :-)

Skinni Peach



  1. thanks Karin!! was tagged already but havent got the chance to do it yet, GAH! dont think i'll have anyone to tag, everyone has jumped on the wagon! .x.

  2. I know, almost everyone had been tagged already ... sure do it anyway, its technically chain mail so it'll make the rounds several times! x

  3. I love Smashbox primer, its a small tube of miracle-y goodness :-)

  4. Isn't it?! Everything just stays in place for so much longer!