Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm so working class that I can only afford Chanel ... no Dolce and Gabbana for me...

Well kids, its finally arrived ... the Irish version of 'The Hills' starts on RTE tomorrow night at nine! I for one am UBER excited - not because I think its going to be in any way good, but because I do love a good bitta car crash telly. Who doesn't?

Check it out ...

I read an article recently in which the producer defended the show, saying it was accessible to everyone because these girls are just like everyone else; "they're working class girls, earning a living ... but they're the working class girls with Chanel handbags".


Seriously ... cannot wait.


  1. TONITE is the night!! eeeeek! you never know, it might blow us all away?? C'mere, that Vogue girl is a stunner, gorgeous! Oh, we have some pics of you here in the RSVP offices working at some cinema screening, I was like, HEY!! I know her....even though I dont, but ya know what I mean!! :) .x.

  2. I don't know if I want it to be terrible or great. A TV show has not conflicted me like this since, well, ever!

    As for that 'working class with Chanel bags' quote - *headsmack*

  3. Sarah - I know exactly what you mean! Like, I hope it bombs big time because I want to hate it purely on principal ... but I also secretly want to like it ... kind of ... ugh, its a head wrecker already.

    Skinni - Ha no way! Was it the Due Date screening last week? Please tell me they're not going on any kind of website ... ?!


  4. working class with Chanel?! i wish i was that working class!! x