Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Are you reelin' in the years...?

We're nearly done with 2010, so I decided to put together a little list of notable things that you may or may not remember from the past year ... it's almost like Reeling in the Years, but without the deadly soundtrack..

January 4: The tallest structure built by man is finished - the Burji Khalifa in Dubai
January 22: Waterford Crystal ceases trade
January 27: JD Salinger dies aged 91
February 2: Cadbury is sold to Kraft Foods
February 11: Alexander McQueen dies, aged 40
February 27: The earthquake in Chile, which was recorded as an 8.8, sets off a tsunami and kills nearly 500 people
March 10: Corey Haim dies
April 1: Justin Bieber enters the charts at number one, making him the youngest male solo artist since Stevie Wonder to do so. No, this is not an April Fool's joke...
April 13: Another earthqauke - this time in China - kills over 2,000 people
April 20: An oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven people and marking the beginning of the oil disaster that lasted for months
April 30: Gerry Ryan dies, aged 53
May 2: Greece gets a one hundred and ten billion euro bailout. Oh how we laughed...
May 20: Five paintings that total to a hundred million euro are stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris
May 28: Gary Coleman dies, ages 42
May 29: Dennis Hopper dies, aged 78
June 11: The World Cup kicks off in South Africa
June 18: Toy Story 3 is released in the United States and become the highest grossing film of 2010, earning over a billion euro worldwide
July 11: The World Cup finishes, with Spain winning
July 1: Dail Eireann passes the Civil partnership Bill
July 25: The first report of the infamous Wikileaks!
October 13: An explosion in a mine in Chile results in 33 miners being trapped several hundred meters underground. Sixty nine days later, all are successfully rescued
October 25: Another earthquake triggers another tsunami and kills roughly 400 people in Indonesia
November 18: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is released
November 19: Terminal 2 is finally opened in Dublin Airport
November 21: News about a rescue package for the poor old Republic of Ireland is released
November 28: Wikileaks goes mad, releasing thousands and thousands of 'confidential' files
November 28: Leslie Nielson dies aged 84
November 29: Ireland receives an eighty five billion euro bailout

So it's been a fairly eventful year ... Do feel free to add anything you feel I've missed!


  1. Alexander McQueen... I'm not going to lie - I cried buckets when her died. Only slightly more tears than when I went to see Toy Story Three. Whatta film.

  2. Hehe, love how it jumps from July to October. Who needs Aug & Sept anyway! :)

    great list :) xx

  3. I also cried over Alexander McQueen. And on March 10th when Corey Haim died but that was more about turning 20!
    Great list forgot about most of it! x

  4. Aisling - ha I know, but I couldn't actually think of anything particularly major in August or September! I'm sure I'm missing something blindingly obvious though!

    Ahh.. who didn't cry over Alexander McQueen.. :-(


  5. aw alexander mcqueen... :-( great list, brought back some memories!x
    (ha thanks btw)