Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun fun fun in the ... snow..

Alright snow ... we've had our disagreements, so I'd like it if you just left in peace before we say things we might later regret ...

I feel I'm being a total spoilsport when I complain about snow ... but I drive for a living. Which, believe me, is NOT NOT NOT fun in snow and ice. Its well dodgy and feckin terrifying, and it take forever, especially seeing as I live a good forty five minutes drive from town anyway - double it now. Driving on snow isn't too bad, but when a million cars having been driving on it all day, it compacts and turns into pure ice, which is where things turn into car olympics. I saw a good few cars skid, and there were loads of lonely cars just abandoned along the side of the road as people had obviously given up and walked home; its like the end of the world or something!

One thing that seriously, SERIOUSLY annoys the absolute shit out of me are fucking little retarded children throwing snowballs at cars. How utterly stupid can you get, kids?? Two hit my windscreen the other night, and not only could I suddenly not see where I was going, but the sudden noise just totally shocked me, and I hit the brakes ... thank god there were no other cars on the road or I almost certainly would have had a crash.

Seriously kids ... FUCK OFF!!

*In case I made anyone sad, here are some lovely pictures of fun things to do in snow...

And my personal fave... :-)


  1. Oh dear... throwing snowballs at cars is so so dangerous, children really should stick to building snowmen!

  2. "How utterly stupid can you get, kids?"
    -Haha I love it! Your blog is very entertaining. Keep up the nice work. I'm definitely following :)

    Stay safe on the streets.

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