Monday, December 27, 2010

Get Outta My Way!!!

I tried to go shopping. I really, really did. My purse was at the ready, my bank card itching to go.

But I just can't handle crowds!

Or changing room queues that encompass the entire perimeter of the shop and last for half an hour. Or rummaging through floor items. Or picking up something that's in the size 8 section but is actually a size 16 (something you inevitably don't discover until you're in the changing room). Or asking for every pair of shoes on sale in a size six only to be told, 'sorry, that's the last pair', for each one. I take one look at a jumbled up sale rack and my heart starts to panic.

Ugh. Can't do it.

All shops do their sales differently; some well, and some not so much. Here's what I found from a few shops in town (before I hid in a corner and cried because I just couldn't take it anymore...)

Crap. I don;t know why I ever hold out hope that I'll find something other than a few pairs of underwear for a coupla quid. In previous experience, Topshop simply do not put the good stuff on sale, they put everything that they still have boxes and boxes of it left because its ugly and no one buys it on sale. The one thing I did see was a goooorgeous woolly cardigan that I'd had my eye on for ages reduced to half price ... but only for the size 16s. C'mon, now. Not to mention the fact that there's more clothes on the ground than on the actual railings in there.

River Island:
Meh ... none of their bags are on sale - none. Which is really the main reason I went in. There's a few pairs of shoes, but again, not the good shtuff. However, they do have a fairly decent stack of clothes on sale - more so than Topshop - although you really need perseverance to dig through the mish mash of railings. You might come across one thing for every twenty things you brush past.

Pretty good. At least half of the accessories are not half price, some stuff is even seventy percent off. And considering a lot of their things aren't too expensive anyway, you're bound to come out with something. Or five things ... better yet, you don't need to queue for the changing rooms!

La Senza:
Excellent; almost the entire shop is half price. No certain sizes only, no certain colours only, just pretty much everything is half off. So a thirty euro bra is now fifteen - you can't beat that! Three pairs of underwear for a fiver also - bargain.

Half and half ... lots of really amazing stuff not on sale, but sure there were a few bits and pieces, and anything that is on sale is mostly about forty percent off, which is pretty good value. Good for bags and shoes.

Urban Outfitters:
Yessss. That is all.

That's all I ventured into before it started raining and I bumped into a thousand people too many. To be honest, I think the major bargains are to be found in electronics and stuff; the rents came home from Harvey Norman with a massive flat screen television for half price. When the carpark signs for Dundrum stop telling me they're all full, I might venture in there and see what the craic is ... who would have thought its was so damn hard to spend money?!


  1. Great review, totally agree about topshop x

  2. It's so annoying, isn't it? I mean, I don't expect everything fabulous to be on sale, but its like they literally just grab everything they have piles of and throw it on a rail to make it look like their sale is fantastic.. grr

  3. I just hate the sales so much! I get so stressed out when I go because people are so annoying and all I can find is crap!

  4. I agree, its soo stressful ... you have to get in early and get out early! I left dundrum at two this afternoon and it was mental ... there's no way I could handle only getting there at that time!