Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mafia unmasked

Ehh no, not the real Mafia...

My nanna purchases dozens of trashy celeb magazines every week, and has a habit of letting piles of them building up ... and then giving them to me when I go to visit. What can I say, my job requires me to spend a lot of time sitting around in a car, there's only so much tetris you can play before your phone stages a protest. So I was flicking through an old one a few days ago (I think it was Now), and I came across the most stunning make over ever. Well it was more of a make under, but it was seriously impressive.

The culprit? Yer wan from the X Factor, who always coated herself in some sort of brown gloop before leaving the house. Ah you know her ... this one ...

And just for good measure, here she is again with her baby ... what a lucky kid to have such a pretty mommy.

So, while surely no one can deny that this girl is an excellent example for young children about looking and feeling great about yourself, someone decided it might be a bitta craic to attack her with some paint stripper anyway. The six inch false eyelashes were pulled off, and after several hairdressers ran away crying (they're in therapy now) one plucky stylist managed to remove the tangled mess of hair extensions. She was given a sexy red dress - one that didn't look like someone cut out huge holes in various parts of it - and her make up was professionally done. The result is actually amazing.

Behold ...

Chloe Mafia

I think this is incredible; all stylists involved should be given a medal. And as if that weren't enough, they even managed to secure a picture of her totally sans make up, tan, hair ... everything! The picture is really teeny, but you get the idea...

Its totally frightening how young and normal she looks. You sort of forget that all that paint is actually paint, and that she wasn't born with a healthy orange glow and more hair that her actual body weight.

Makes you wonder what goes on in her head to make her think she needs to take a tango bath every morning before leaving the house...


  1. she does look a million times better, although if you look at her skin in the make-over picture, she still looks a bit manky, they obviously couldn't get the deep remnants of tan off her... eww.

  2. Wow she looks so different!
    Shows that sometimes less is more!

  3. Yeah, obviously years of tanning abuse has just permanently stained her skin..

    I know, less definitely, DEFINITELY works better for her!


  4. I don't like the tacky dress they put her in, but the hair and make-up look fab!

    And I'm curious....who did you hand that leaflet to?

  5. Oh bleugh, that just plain doesn't look good at all. She kinda reminds me of the perople who go in for makeunders on that show Snog, Marry, Avoid on BBC3... though sometimes I think that I might be the only person who watches it!

  6. Hermia: hehe a past.. 'friend'.. who I don't think is my biggest fan! ;-)

  7. Oh and Sarah ... what a show!!!

  8. About a minute in!

  9. HA! Oh wow, no way! Excellent find Elle!