Monday, January 10, 2011

Do I need to apply to become blonde?

I read an article in a magazine recently about how Jordan had dyed her hair blonde again. The bones of the piece was pure speculation as to why she had done this, having not been blonde for a good few years.

Reasons include:

- Peter Andre has recently been linked with several blondes; could it be an attempt to win him back?
- She jokingly said yonkers ago that she'd dye her hair blonde again if she ever became pregnant.
- She is trying to reinvent herself in an attempt to move on from Peter Andre (slightly contradictory)
- She wants to be 'Jordan' again, after being Katie Price for so long.
- Having blonde hair reminds her of her younger days when she was out partying and having fun all night; could she be yearning for the past?

Seriously, the article went on and on for an entire page speculating all these reasons as to why she might have bleached her locks.

I am hardly her biggest fan, but honestly, did anyone ever stop to think that maybe - just maybe - she just ... I dunno, felt like it ... ??

They've also started taking bets on whether Posh and Becks' new kid will be more stylish than current tot queen Suri Cruise; the child is not even born yet. You don't even know if its a fucking girl.

Trash magazines just get more and more ridiculous every day. Why am I still reading them?!


  1. never thought i'd see the day where you defended jordan kar! and comparing children about who is more stylish is just creepy enough in itself, never mind that one is still a fetus!!

  2. Haha, wouldn't exactly say I'm 'defending' her, more like ... showing my dislike of trashy celeb mags.. ;-)

  3. It is a bit mad....poor Suri has been stalked and talked about and made fun of since the day she was's shameful!