Sunday, January 2, 2011

I hereby solemnly resolve to...

A few new years resolutions that certain celebrities should probably take up...

Lindsey Lohan:
Learn to sleep when it is dark, and wake up during daylight hours, like a normal person. I also aim to only spend half the amount of time in rehab this year as I did last year ... baby steps.

Kristen Stewart:
Learn the ancient and most noble arts of smiling, and of cleanliness.

Stop wearing half pieces of clothing picked out of an eighties reject bin by a blind person.

Posh Spice:
Eat something.

Angelina Jolie:
Only adopt five more kids this year - love does eventually run out.

Mel Gibson:
Spend less time on the phone...

Lady Gaga:
Wear a nice trouser suit.

The entire cast of Jersey Shore:
Try to learn the difference between fake tan and orange war paint.

Kanye West:
Try to ... no wait, I'm fucking Kanye West. I'm already perfect.

And I'm well aware that these gorgeous laydeez are not celebrities, but I saw the photo and just thought that they could use a resolution aswell...

"We resolve to wear clothing that hasn't been shredder by a lawnmower and sprayed by a paint machine..."


  1. that photo terrifies me! also LOL at mel gibson's one.. ;-)

  2. Ha ha love it, in all seriousness though good advice.

  3. Mel Gibson's is brilliant!
    Think Gaga will do that. Just to shock! x

  4. BRILLIANT!! love the kanye west one haha

  5. Hehe, biggest shock in the world would be for Gaga to wear a nice normal suit to work.. ;-)

  6. baahaaa! skittin at the resolutions love the Angie does eventually run out :D :D .x.

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