Monday, January 17, 2011

Roll up, roll up, its the Red Carpet!

Alright, I know I'm jumping on the Globes Fashion bandwagon here (and no one can out do Elle when it comes to Frock Candy) but I spent far too much of my time today gazing starry eyed at all the lovely dresses, and it would just be a waste if I didn't get a post out of it.

In no particular order...

I can't decide if I like this or not ... on one hand, its a gorgeous colour, but on the other hand ... it looks like wrapping paper that should have, 'Congratulations, its a girl!' on it...

That looks like a project I did in third class, you know when you weave a paper basket? Except I must have spilt glitter glue all over it.

It's ill fitting, but I really love the colour.

Emma Roberts breaks the trend and opts for a short dress, and despite my inexplicable dislike of her, she does look gorgeous. Love the shoes.

Ok, I'm all for girls who rock the pale look, but blending in with your own dress is a step too far. Bitta make up wouldn't go amiss either, Kaley Curaco.

Ah, Kim Kardashian, you have my paper mache project. That said ... I do actually quite like it! Curvalicious.

Sooo on the fence with this ... my first instinct was OH NO, DISCO BALL!!! ...but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me...

Emma Stone absolutely schools everyone in a perfect demonstration of less is more. Stunning.Especially love the clutch.

"Hello, Its-Never-Too-Late Bridal Store? Yes, I'd like to order a dress please..."

Achh, Heidi Klum, why? Did one of your adorable rugrats eat too much ice cream and throw up on you?

I don't even have anything scathing to say about this ... its just not remotely flattering.

I actually really like this. Keeping it simple. Plus she's working with a bump!

It looks like those ready made rolls of grass that you just pat down, and hey presto! You have a garden.

No. No, no no. No.

Yes! Yes, yes yes. Yes. Baaabe.

 What... what... I mean, why would you...?

Ahh bless. He's too ickle to know you don't wear runners to a red carpet event!

Speaking of bad shoes ... Helena, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????

Other highlights included Ricky Gervais ripping Robert Downey Junior to shreds, and then consequently disappearing for over half an hour (anyone else notcie that...? I think Robert DJ set his people on Ricky... )


  1. Loving Emma's dress! Think it's my fav
    Lady Peach

  2. either Emma Stone or Scarlett loved both. x

  3. Thanks for the link :)

    Lea Michelle just infuriates me. You can tell she thinks she is the fashion star of the Glee brigade but she was completely outshone by the blonde one in J Mendel.
    Definitely more bad than good but the InStyle party was impressive x

  4. Yeah, I was way more impressed by InStyle! Here's hoping the Oscars provide better fashion fodder.. *crossed fingers*

  5. I kinda sorta LOVE Emma Stone, funny and stylish and going out with a Culkin. What more could one ask for?

  6. Soooooo many disappointments! And shame on Emma Stone for turning herself into a clone....I'd no idea who she was until I saw her name on some website!

    And I know I shouldn't like Lea's dress, but I kinda do! I don't like the colour, but I love the'd be gorgeous in red! It just looks farcical in that bubblegum colour!

  7. I think the colour wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't so ... shiny. Shiny just equates tacky sometimes.