Sunday, January 30, 2011

Someone buy me a new wardrobe...

I neeeeeed to be banned from Asos. Or at least get it password blocked and give the password to my mother.

Here is what I have been lusting after lately...

Absolutely love the colour. Perfect for one of those 'hop from the taxi to the door of the club' nights; definitely not substantial enough for a whole night outside these days!

Pretty little shift dress. Unfortunately its about to snow again in dublin; probably not worth the fifty two euro ... yet ;-)

I absolutely adore these shorts; how cute is the rope belt?!

They are not tacky. They are fabulous.

 Oooh I really love this cardi. Perfect with a pair of skinnies and my new boots :-)

Very very pretty. Why are all the things I want so not weather appropriate right now?!

 It looks so soft and pretty ... I love the colour. Want.

Siiigh, most things are not only unnecessary, but just silly to buy when its minus a million degrees out. Except that lovely big cardigan ... I really think I will invest in that one, I really like it a lot. Plus its currently free delivery on Asos ... sure it'd just be plain rude not to.. ;-)


  1. That first dress is gorgeous and yeah, those shorts are adorable!

  2. I actually went back on asos last week after a 6 month hiatus; didn't take me long to make up or lost time! Loving the peachy jacket at the start ;)

  3. we have startlingly similar taste lady... :)

    luckily for me, I haven't got a credit card. Otherwise, I'd be in jail for debt evasion.

    LOVE the first jacket, that colour is gorgeous. And the cardi looks so comfy too, and you're so right about the leopard print shoes. NOT tacky. FABULOUS. :)

  4. I've fallen in love with the first dress AND those shorts...! fab! x

  5. Aisling - you probably won't thank me for telling you this, but Asos now take laser cards... ;-)

    gazingatrasberries - six months with no asos ... I am mightily impressed!!

  6. Those shoes - they are not tacky at all. Love 'em.

  7. woah I'm in love with those shoes ! <3

  8. New year, new wardrobe, huh? Or were you trying to reinvent your image? Changes like that are popular every January. Resolutions may not always be fulfilled, but at least they're made, right? At least, there was the initiative to make a change, and that's what matters. Just go with it, Karin! It's not bad to indulge yourself once in a while.