Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anyone smell raw meat? Or burning boob...?

Everyone is talking about Lady Gaga's hotly anticipated new song, Born This Way. My facebook homepage was flooded with people posting it, and every radio station has it on a freakin loop.

I'm not mad on it, to be honest. In fact - dare I say it - I'm a bit sick of her. She's just too much of a bleedin nutjob. Like, at this point she's just being crazy and outrageous for the sake of it.

Anyone remember her early outfits? They were definitely 'out there', if you will, but they were sexy, and she looked good. People took notice and complimented her for being different and original.

However, somewhere along the lines her outfits - and whole personality in general, really - just got whackier and whackier; I think her meat dress was where I lost the plot. Here are some of her more ridiculous outfits...

"Do you smell burning...?"

Good luck sitting down in this one...

Lady ... Gimp-ga?

Dear GOD. I am traumatised... thank you for ruining one of my favourite childhood tv characters...

There's where my Granny's tablecloth went... I'm not feeling this two headed veil thing, and she seems to be channeling a Vegas bride...

Cross eyed transvestite clown, anyone??

Again, awkward to sit in... you'd hate to be the poor dude stuck behind that hat... "What's going on? I can't see anything!"

Lads, like I don't even know if that is Lady Gaga. Could be a body double she tied up with tinfoil and a fishing net while she sits at home blowing bubbles or something..

Jesus christ almighty. Chess piece gone wrong. I do not get it at all. Is there even anything to get? Is there any point to it, other than to grab media space?

Like the Christmas tree fairy gone horribly horribly wrong.

Of course, I had to put it in. She claims she was supporting animal rights, but I don't see how wearing dead animals is supportive of their right to live... somehow if she'd turned up wearing dead human flesh under the protest that she's supporting human rights it wouldn't have gone down quite so well...

I'll leave you with one of her more 'interesting' statements...

"I don't know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm..."


  1. omg i totally agree, gaga is a bit yawn for me now! She's getting on my nerves and her outfits do nothing for her!!!

    btw, I haven't heard her new song yet but I doubt to be downloading it...! x

  2. did you SEEEEE the egg thing last night?! i agree, what happened to the good olddays of a red hooded body suit?

  3. I did see the egg... as SOON as I heard about it I was like, "Damn, posted that too soon!" It was ... surreal. She is an official looooon in my book, how people still gaze at her in awe and think this is 'art' is beyond me, I personally would have had her committed by now..

  4. For anyone who doesn't know, Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys encased in a large plastic egg, which she had been chilling out in for about three hours, breathing through a tube...

  5. I know she's crazy but I kinda love her and addicted to her new song!
    Lady Peach

  6. Oh Gaga Gaga, she is always a wonder to me, I simply don’t understand that how she get such ideas to wear such weird outfits. Someone help her finding a new designer please. Though she looks pretty good when she wears something decent. I have seen her in some decent leather and latex outfits in I guess this is the only website where I have seen her wearing something sensible.