Monday, February 7, 2011

Chocolate prevents heart disease... and unhappiness...

Here, friends, is my dilema.

About a month ago, just as I though the house was clear of all gluttonous Christmas indulgences, I arrived home - from the gym, no less - to discover a large selection box on my bed, courtesy of my mother. "I'd forgotten I even had it!" she says.

The following week, she made an excellent banoffi cake. "But bananas are good for you ..." I reasoned through mouthfuls.

The following week, she made biscuit squares. "But I cut them into much smaller pieces, so its just a little treat!" Mistake. I ate three times as many, because they were so small.

And yesterday, she unveiled a magnificent toblerone cheesecake.
Let me repeat that. Toblerone cheesecake.
"But ... but, cheese is good for you too ... right ..." I again reasoned. And sure isn't there dairy in chocolate? And biscuits, why biscuits provides fiber ... yeah ...

And yet if I were to complain that she was trying to fatten me up, and she proceeded to stop making nice things, I'd then complain that our house is starved of any chocolatey treats. Loose-loose situation, really.

Lads. I'm off to the gym. Just as long as I don't come home and have another piece of cheesecake as a 'reward' for all my hard work...

Pictures are not actual pictures of my mother's baking skills... due to the fact that I ATE EVERYTHING before photographs could be taken..


  1. Mountains of chocolate are cancelled out by hours in the gym.
    Mountains of chocolate are cancelled out by hours in the gym.
    Mountains of chocolate are cancelled out by hours in the gym.
    Mountains of chocolate are cancelled out by hours in the gym.

    Or not... ;)

  2. ha ha! Enjoy the chocolate ya skinny minnie :)
    Lady Peach

  3. :) thats one of the things I miss about living with mum.. THAt homemade cake.. enjoy as long as u can ;)

  4. haha! I so love chocolate but I try to eat it in small amounts, and do do a lot of exercises! well, if I managed to lose a dress size in 3 weeks and still had chocolate teacake/chocolate kimberley every day...! xx

  5. oh god, I genuinely feel your pain. I love chocolate more than life itself and would happily live on it. Sometimes I DO live on it...

    Everyone is allowed indulgences though, so don't fret. Just hop on the cross trainer for an hour PER OUNCE OF CHOCOLATE and all will be well.

    *Please note: you might die. I did.*

  6. Elle - I like it, it shall be my new mantra from now on.. ;-)

    Aisling - I also died. Running at full whack for ten minutes burns a mere hundred calories. That's about bowl of Special K, let alone a bitta chocolate. Depressing much?!

  7. Ha, you're tiny! I'm sure you can afford to eat a few desserts! Plus home-made treats are better for you than shop bought ones!
    But if it's really bothering you, maybe ask her to cut down the baking a little...or you could just eat smaller amounts...which will never happen! Damn desserts! :P

  8. Times like this I'm glad that my mother is a terrible baker. Ohh toblerone cheesecake *salivates*

  9. Hahaha the last line cracked me up. Excellent use of capitals to express your GIANT-LIKE dessert-eating abilities.

    Definitely up the exercise rather than cutting out the treats - life's too short! I'm very much enjoying my 2011 venture into Pilates - it makes me feel a little slimmer, even if I'm not :-)

  10. Yeah, I think I'd rather go to the gym than give up chocolate! Its worth it! Is it shamefully ironic that I am eating a piece of said cheesecake right at this very instant... ;-)