Monday, February 28, 2011

In the words of the lovely Hermia... "Stealing is wrong, y'all!"

So, this is what I have resorted to... stealing my neighbour's internet.

*Fingers crossed they have no idea I have a blog...*

I was using an unsecured network for a while out of pure desperation, but then some odd things began happening, such as friends alerting me to the fact that my Hotmail account was sending out emails regarding weight loss and erectile dysfunction solutions.. not together, of course. One swift password change later and a sneaky brother who knows the neighbour's internet key and I'm back in action... minus the viagra ;-)

Sooo... here's Five Random But Fabulous Things I'm Lovin' Lately

Hairspray clip in extensions
Cannot praise them enough. My hair is an odd shade of goldeny/sandy/browny blonde that I thought would be tricky to match, but these are flawless, and because they're made from actual hair, they don't look fake or tacky. The hefty price tag put me off at first (coughseventysomethingeurocough) but you get two rows in each pack, and you can curl them and straighten them as opposed to synthetic hair. This isn't the best photo in the world - I should really to a before and after - but bear in mind my actual hair stops just below the shoulder,so the last few inches there are fake.

The Strokes' New Song
Just listen ... it speaks for itself :-)
The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness

Vita Liberata tan
This tan is without a doubt the singularly greatest tan I have ever used, and I've used all the big ones. It honestly has everything going for it;

- There's no smell
- It dries pretty much instantly
- Instant colour, which is technically two bonus points as not only can you see exactly where its gone, but the colour is deep enough without even developing to leave the house; its like instant wash off tan.
- Goes on smoothly
- Unlike anyone who has ever used the muck that is Fake Bake, you don't darken to the point of looking like you've actually painted yourself with blackface before having to shower.
- This is the biggest brownie point; it honestly doesn't look like a really good fake tan. Some tans are considered good because they don't streak, or they don't fade too quickly, or they don;t flake off - this one is the greatest because it honestly looks like a natural tan.
I predict big things. Jump on the bandwagon now. Once again, if I had actually thought about it properly, I should have done a before and after. I will soon!

The Gym
I know, I know ... who puts the gym in a 'Fabulous Things' category?! Well, I don't mean the actual gym itself, I mean my personal progression - I have gone from five minutes of walking at level five to knocking out five kilometres in forty minutes ... which I know to the hardened runner is still not exactly marathon material, but I'm pretty proud of that; I'm no longer bowing my head in shame as the large, scowling bodybuilder types growl aggressively at their ridiculously piled up weights and then proceed to outwalk me on the treadmill as I desperately run towards what I imagine to be a big heap of free shoes...

Hangover Free Sunday Mornings
Ah I know there's nothing quite like the night before, but every now and again its nice to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make use of the day on Sunday morning rather than curled up in the fetal position unable to even scrape off last night's make up because the smell of the chemical in your facewipes is making you dry heave... and why have you a set of false lashes on only one eye? And is that a packet of MacDonald's ketchup in your bag? Whyyy???

I had originally planned Ten Fabulous Things, but I have a presentation due for work on Wednesday that I haven't started, so I cut it short to take advantage of the reappearance of the internet (I'm sure the neighbours will cop on eventually...)

However, UPC man has promised to restore everything, so either I'll be back soon, or I'll have injured him in such ways that he'll be begging me for those erectile dysfunction solution emails...


  1. Stealing is perfectly fine if it's necessary for you to blog! :D

  2. I like to justify it that way.. ;-)

  3. ahhh I'm looking for some good tan at the moment, will have to try this one out! stealing for blog is ok... unless you're my neighbour! ;)

  4. I rely entirely on staling internet - shameful but true... you'd be surprised how many networks are called 'get you own internet'. Tsk, can't they let me piggyback in peace!

  5. you're stealing internet? ya mad thing! ive heard soooo many good things about vita tan, seriously gotta get my hands on some! x

  6. *EDIT* my internet was restored to its former glory this morning, so my soul is no longer tainted with theft.. ;-)

    Sarah - HA, my friend's is called something along the lines of Dont-Even-Try-It.. ;-)

  7. Vita Liberata is AMAZING!! I've been raving about it all over the place, including ye olde blog and in the beauty column. LOVE it xx