Friday, February 18, 2011

Leaders of Tomorrow

There is something vaguely disturbing about this picture.

(L-R: Eamon Gilmore, John Gormley, Pat Kenny, Micheal Martin, Gerry Adams, Enda Kenny)

After spending two hours ripping each other to shreds, here they all stand, happy as Larry; yer wans at the end are even hugging each other.

Ha. Cut the tension with a knife.

Eamon Gilmore looks like a happy child who just surprised his mum with homemade mud chocolate cake, Gormley's delighted that his choice of tie colour made him stand out, and Micheal Martin gazes longingly at the hug at the end there, which couldn't look any more uncomfortable if they had "We Hate Each Other!" tee-shirts on with little arrows pointing at each of them.

Ahh, it was a good debate though. As much as I enjoy poking fun at everyone, I thought they all came across relatively well - except Gerry Adams. "Free health care, free education - AND we don't even need to tax anybody, or make any cuts! No one suffers!" Yeah, go play with your unicorn, Gerry.

Roll on doomsday - one week to go.


  1. 'Go play with your unicorn there Gerry' Love it! x

  2. That hug is just gas looking altogether!

  3. hahaha play with your unicorn!! bahaha :) x

  4. WTF? Gerry Adams obviously buttering up Enda with a hug in the hope of getting a coalition... And did Pat sit on a safety pin or something?

  5. I loved this picture so much! Endless entertainment! Love that Gerry is just completely taking the mick out of Enda and he just looks furious!

  6. ha ha love the unicorn joke!!
    Lady Peach

  7. They just all look individually hilarious... so many jokes to be made, so little time ;-)