Saturday, February 12, 2011

With Love From...

Luuuurve Day is just around the corner, and while I personally feel that it is an utterly made up holiday and I dislike spending copious amounts of money (especially as its so soon after Christmas, and my boyfriend's birthday is less than a month after) something small to acknowledge the day is always nice.

Soooo, here are a few possibilities that won't break the bank.

Takeaway Night in and a Movie
An oldie, but a goodie. Pick your favourite Chinese/Indian/Pizza/Whatever and grab a dvd. Seriously like, you just can't beat it.


Homemade Dinner
Cheap and easy, now would be a good time to test one of Jamie Oliver's thirty minute meals, and see if you can do it in an hour (thirty minutes my ass Jamie, does he pre slice and dice everything??)

Ahh bless... nothing like a big batch of chocolate brownies... :-)  If you're a baking mad woman, try making cupcakes, cookies, rocky road - a little bit of everything, and put it all in a nice box. You know what, forget your boyfriend, someone do that for me please... ;-)

Photo Collage
It doesn't neccessarily even have to be a pink and sparkly homage to the two of you; a few photos of him and his mates won't go amiss. Lads aren't the greatest with taking/putting up photos, so here's your chance to get rid of some unwanted posters and stick this up instead.

No, not one-for-all, homemade ones. From "I Owe You ... a home cooked meal" to "I Owe You ... breakfast in bed", to ... ehh... well, this is where you get 'creative'... ;-)

No one doesn't like a big bag of sweets. This is one of my favourites; very quick and easy. Go to the sweet factory and fill a bag with only the red or pink sweets! Some things, like strawberry bonbons, are grand, but its a lot harder to pick out only pink smarties or jelly babies. The sweet lady was watching me like a hawk...

So there you go; all fairly standard ideas, but if you're like me, its really more the thought that counts on Valentine's Day. If all else fails, feel totally free to go out and get drunk with the girls instead... ;-)


  1. I'm not a big fan of the day as well, think its all made up too. Nice ideas though to acknowledge it without going all crazy :)

  2. Really nice ideas!
    Lady Peach

  3. Those 30 minute meals are such a jip! Despite that I'm a big ol' fan of your homemade dinner option.