Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your page is ... two percent loaded

I HATE my internet. I can do nothing but apologise profusely for my lack of posts, but seriously - this UPC shit is great for the auld tv chanels, but it's not having such a happy relationship with my computer. I have tried to publish a new post a few times, but all that happens is that little timer thingy (I'm sure your computer/laptop has some version of this) pops up, and times .... and times .... and just keeeeeeps going ... until I give up in total frustration. Booking my holiday apartment was a nightmare; I was petrified that every time I refreshed the page it would book it AGAIN and I would end up with a credit card bill that put me on the streets.

But I am doing my best to remain patient, and not cause the laptop any pain. Because that's how I lost the 'I' key on my last one ... and broke the left half of the space bar ... and desensitised the touch pad ... no honestly, I wish I was kidding ...

I hope this post actually posts. The UPC guy can expect an angry phone call very soon - again that is, he may remember me from the last time I phoned a few days ago complaining that the internet was somehow blocking my laptop from logging on. Cheers.

I'll be back within a few days - hopefully. And then maybe Hotmail will actually load long enough for me to delete the seventy two messages currently crowding my inbox.

FINGERS CROSSED. I'm off to take advantage of Sky Living +1.


  1. Nightmare! Hopefully it gets sorted soon...the blogosphere is a sad place without you, Karin!

  2. Aww, thanks Hermia :-) UPC promised to come fix it on Wednesday, after I convinced them that the tried and tested method of 'turning it off and then back on again' was just NOT WORKING