Monday, March 14, 2011

America's Next Top Living Marvel - the girl with no organs

Well, I have finally had time to breath. This week isn't much better than last week, work wise, but on the major plus side I have Paddy's Day off. Roll on the sparkly green!

I'm currently chilling in bed with a cup of tea catching up on America's Next Top Model (major guilty pleasure) and I have to say, the tall skinny one kind of freaks me out. I have it on good authority that she might actually bag herself the trophy, but I think she's an oddball. It's surreal when you look back to the early seasons of ANTM - the contestants were slim, yes, but not thin. And they were conventionally pretty, not this 'ugly beauty' that Tyra keeps harping on about.

Example: season one's winner, Adrianne Curry.

She's not what you'd call skinny - rather, in shape. And she's sexy pretty.

 And this is Eva, winner of Cycle 3. That look like a model to you..??

Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Although Danielle was very toned and slender, rather than all out skinny. I might also mention that the girls were still coming to panel in jeans and t-shirts here; a far cry from the fashionistas they are in recent seasons.

Boom. Jaslene was easily the skinniest winner up til that point. The contestants have also started dressing up and wearing heels to every panel. Ain't no way anyone from Cycle 4 and below would be getting into the house now with their scruffy size eight jeans.

Nicole would have been laughed out of it a few years back due to her unconventional beauty.

And now, even after they let one of the contestants go for being too skinny (which, in fairness she was, Anamaria anyone?) they allow Ann to stay, and do pretty well for herself. Even after this...
Ahh, seriously now lads. That girl's waist is so small Jay can actually fit his hands around it.

Wtf?!! Where are her vital organs? No, seriously... where are they? A person's entire necessary digestive system just cannot fit in there. I'm not even freaked out anymore, I'm just fascinated. And curious, as to how a person can survive without a stomach and liver.

This all begs the question though... WHY am I still so addicted to this show?!


  1. I have SERIOUS ANTM addiction issues too, I feel your pain/pleasure...

    My favourite ever contestant was Nik Pace (came 2nd in cycle 5) x

  2. thats sick. wtf is right, how can ANYTHING fit in there? must admit, i got bored of ANTM, havent watched it in yonks. now i watch stuff like, one born every minute or just anything to do with babies being born, or come dine with me. feck, im getting old!

  3. blahhh thats disgusting!!!! omg didnt see this before, how come she's still alive without stomach like?! im shocked

  4. I've been watching, she is too thin but she takes an amazing photo!

  5. Aisling - I remember Nik, she was really gentle and yet took stunning photos :-) loved the 'fro aswell!

    Dawn - come dine with me is fantastic entertainment though, even just for the voice over guy!

    Third Cousin - would have to agree, she does take a fierce photo.. ;-)

    Fashion Stylist - its a bit freaky alright!