Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donuts aren't just for eating, my friends...

Here is a nifty little thing I have discovered recently: the hair donut.

This odd looking sponge thingy makes thin hair appear think and luxurious when tied up in a bun. Observe...

Clip it around the hair like so...
Wrap the hair around it, and voila!

And for comparison, here's my hair as normal in a bun...

The magic of hair trickery.. ;-)


  1. i have one too - they're fab!!
    Lady Peach

  2. ahhh that's what they're for! I thought they're like shower thingy for hair or something? I know, I have no clue. cool, must try :)

  3. it definitely gives a good bit of thickness!!! I've seen them but the ugly colour gave me the heebie jeebies. Now I've seen it in action I may just get one.

  4. I'm beyond clueless about hair stuff, but this looks pretty doable. Buy two and do a Princess Leia! P.S I hawed like a donkey when I read the last comment you left on my blog. Which was good, but the other people in the library didn't think so.

  5. I need one of hair buns are pathetic!

  6. FashionStylist: I know I didn't get them at first either, my friend had one in her hair and told me it was a sponge..!

    Sarah - "Buy two and do a Princess Leia!"
    HAhaha! That's my next halloween costume right there.. ;-) Aw I know, it was hilarious, I felt soo bad for her though!

  7. *runs from the house to buy hair donut*

    Thanks for the suggestion love, that looks amazing! My usual buns are sorry little affairs.x