Saturday, April 16, 2011

A chick named Karin

Laptop is still being uncooperative, so I miraculously managed to put this post together on my phone; despite the fact that it is a mere few lines, it still took about twenty minutes for various pages to load.


Anyway, the lovely Hermia of A Chick Named Hermia asked me and several fellow bloggers to step in and guest post while she's busy moving house (lucky!).

Sooo here is my guest post :-)


  1. great post over at hermias Karin and eh...weldone for writing the above on you a complete ejit when it comes to stuff like that on my fone!

  2. Thanks, I'm ridiculously impatient when it comes to waiting for internet on my phone to load, so this was definitely a triumph for me!

  3. Only got around to reading your post now - DEAR SWEET JESUS who buys underwear with thier dad???