Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Hello you!" "Ah, hello me!"

I think I'm going crazy. I have been alone in the house for a grand total of two days (rents on holidays and brother also away until tomorrow) and I am having full blown conversations with myself. I'm not kidding aorund here, like I'm having the full on chats. With myself.

Ehh, am I delusional?!

I was discussing with Me earlier whether to bother cooking dinner or not or just make a sandwich. We came to the conclusion that a sandwich would be better, as we weren't actually that hungry. Then we couldn't agree on ham or chicken.

Then I argued with myself over what film to watch; I was thinking Harry Potter number seven, in  anticipation for the last one, but Myself was thinking Walk the Line, because I'd watched a clip of it on Youtube earlier and was really in the mood for it.

And it wasn't even conversations - I started just narrating everything I was doing out loud!

"Where's my make up bag? Let's have a look ... no, not in the drawer ... oh, I think I left it in the car! I'll go and check ... yeah there it is. I might make a cuppa now. Are there any biscuits?"

Guys... this can't be good. I think I have discovered that I could never live alone - I'd end up being one of those crazy auld ones who talks to her cats and actually believes on some level that they might just understand her...


  1. haha. That is like me all the time. And yes I talk to my cats. Saddo, yes?! x

  2. Not at all.... ;-) no really, I think talking to myself is even worse!

  3. Haha, I did the same thing when I had the house to myself for two weeks a while ago. I was afraid I'd start absent mindedly talking to myself while I was shopping in Tesco!