Sunday, June 12, 2011

I saw your face.... now I'm a Belieber!

I was reading a little article recently about Justin Bieber's Grammy loss to Espereanza Spalding (yes I'm aware that was a while ago - I've been sick recently and doing nothing but read endless stacks of old magazines...) and I have to say, I knew 'Beliebers' were hardcore, but some of the Tweets about Esperanza were harsh. Here's a few of the nice ones...

"you have a 3D movie? do 86 concerts? sell out MSG in 22 minutes? have 7mil followers? no? uh..why da f**k you win a grammy?"

"hey @espespalding congrats on winning best unknown artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u def deserved that one"

"So, @EspeSpalding just won with less than 10,000 followers on twitter. LOL. Sorry, I must have accidently turned my t.v to Punk'd"

"omg @justinbieber its ok im here for u my poor baby u will be ok we'll get epsernsa dont worry!! ;-( "

And its not just the Grammys... oh no, crazed Bieber fans Tweet about freakin everything he does, like the time he OHMYGOD cut his gorgeous lucious locks of hair off omg omg!!! It should be easier to manage now though, he'll only have to shampoo it once and then just rinse with the tears of a million broken hearted girls... 

"i wanna do a Polyjuice potion with @justinbieber 's harir and make my boyfriend drink it"

"I love @justinbieber more than anyone ever. Seriously without his eyes without his smile without his hair without him i will just die. Seriously."

"i;m crying so much that justin bieber's hair is .. gone. i HATE that selena tramp she's changed him so much from the boy i love :-( "

And don't start me on his relationship with Selena Gomez... omg that tramp!! I seriously hope I never have children like these girls...

"I love Justin to death but their relationship is as if Selena is a pedophile….she needs to find someoe her own age…. she techically is a legal adult….."

"@selenagomez dont touch @justinbieber you are a bitch i kill you selena you always with famous boys you are a bitch"

"i guessed what realy happened selena gomez is a witch and she put @justinbieber under a spell and i will pray and pray that he breaks free from it and remembers he in love with me just hasnt foound me yet"

Ha that last one made me giggle... ;-)


  1. hey you're back! ha bieber fangirls are scarier than the twilight ones .... imagine putting them together!

  2. I'm sure there are many out there who are both Bieber and Twilight fangirls... lord have mercy on us if they ever unite..