Monday, June 13, 2011

One Thing Lead to Another, Which Lead to Another, and Another...

I am sick. Not death bed-ly sick or anything, just the kind where you feel like bleughhh... if that's a word. So I'm in bed with a cup of tea and despite the fact that its only lunch time, I am already bored of daytime TV. So I have taken to random Googling; you know, where you go to look up one thing, and end up unleashing a chain of connected Googling and suddnely find yourself reading up about the origins of Hitler's favourite pet dog when all you Googled was how to make brownies...

Four Random Things I Learned Before Lunch Time Today.


Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas was the voice of Charlie Brown's sister, Sally. How totally random is that?! For your entertainment purposes, here is a short but amusing spoof take...

How I found this... I was watching another documentary about the royal wedding, and they mentioned that Sarah Ferguson had been banned. I googled why, stumbled across the other Fergie, which led to this bizzare nugget of info.


You can buy a pink gun. No, seriously. Ever felt that guns were too violent for your delicate womanly ways? Well, now you can buy them in pink flowery patterns. Which of course makes them far less violent and much more dainty. Who could ever imprison a woman for shooting someone when 'Evidence B' produced in the trial is this cute, pink handgun??

How I found this... believe it or not, I was actually Googling breast cancer, which led to things that you can buy in pink to contirbute to charity... think I'll stick with the traditional pink ribbon.

Mowgli actually doesn't live happily ever after with the pretty girl fetching water... instead, the human village rejects him when he tries to return and as revenge he sends his elephant mates in to trample the lot of them to the ground. Hmm. Disney must be saving that bit for the sequel. Basically, in Rudyard Kipling's original book - which the Disney version is based on - Mowglai cautiously tries to re-enter the human world, but the villagers are afraid of him and send him away. Only one family accept him, and for that they are outcast and the villagers try to kill them. So, Mowglai returns to the jungle and rallies up his animal friends and they go and destroy the entire village and kill everyone. Delightful stuff altogether.

How I found this ... I was Googling info on the next Harry Potter film, started reading up about Daniel Radcliffe, which led to the film he was in called 'My Boy Jack' which is based on the Kipling family, which lead to me reading about the original Jungle Book story. To be honest, I kinda wish I hadn't ... hard to watch it now and picture the jolly old herd of elephants visciously trampling people to death...

Johnny Cash very nearly killed off a whole species of bird. Bet you never saw that one coming. He was driving through a Nature Reserve in California, and his truck caught fire. Instead of - I dunno, trying to put the fire out? - he left it there and wandered off to go fishing until someone found him. Meanwhile, his truck burned down dozens of acres of forest land and killed nearly fifty Californian Condors, which was actually about half of all that was left in the wild. The numbers dwindled to less than twenty, and only through seriously committed captive breeding programmes within the last twenty years were they able to get the population up to about three hundred, only about a third of which are in the wild. Sing a song about that one, Cash...
"I fell in to a burning ring of fire..."

How I found this ... seriously, god only knows.                                  


  1. loved this post...some serious randomness there karin! :) welcome back lady! xx

  2. Ha brilliant post i'm still laughing at the fergie fact very strange! xx

  3. I didn't know that about The Jungle Book - though Disney takes some serious liberties. The Little Mermaid actually commits suicide and turns into sea foam - now thats an ending I could get behind.

  4. Ha loved this post!!! Although that Charlie Brown fact is bizarre!

  5. Sarah - yeah I remember reading that book when I was younger, don't all her sisters cut off their hair aswell to try and save her?! Its actually such a depressing ending - Disney used literally nothing except the title with that one!